Tidal Max not working

Well, here’s Godot with the laughs:

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Naim told me in November that they had the software from Tidal, and were writing & testing the code

If it is so trivial to release an update that support higher streaming quality on products made for high end streaming there is a major fault in someone’s platform plans making it possible to scale and scale fast. My vote goes to streaming unlimited.

The other thing is that Naim is probably trying to release at the same time an update for all their supported products, not just the latest ones. That’s at least five groups of products.

Lindemann which also use Streaming Unlimited as their streaming platform manufacturer replied this today. So they are also still working on it. There is a layer of code that needs to be adapted to the SDK Streaming unlimited release which I guess Naim as well as Lindemann is working on now.

The release at SUE has nothing to do with our special branch stack. There is still some work needed to adapt it to the SDK. So you will have to be patient!
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Your Lindemann Team

Has there not been any statements about this from Naim? Would be a bit of\dd given they are marketing hi-res streaming products with Tidal as a feature.

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I want a streamer that uses the highest res options from Tidal now. What is it?

It’s works flawlessly, I highly also recommend it , it’s only 6 euros to buy the version without the adverts, plays all the high resolution flac files and the MQA files :+1:

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Well technically Naim streamers can stream Tidal hires using roon. And if rumors are correct, Naim will have Tidal Max added by June. So seems silly to not buy Naim for what won’t make any difference even in the short run. We know Naim’s current platform is capable of Tidal Max, so don’t think we need to worry other than Naim not speaking up. Seems strange because probably losing some customers over this.