Tidal Max not working

Mine works perfectly, without Tidal, Tidal Connect, Tidal Max, Spotify, Qobuz and AirPlay.
Only local files from my Melco. And i don’t want more.

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Use Qobuz and you won’t be bothered that Naim hasn’t released Tidal Max yet :man_shrugging:


I agree. Qobuz has a certain French unpredictable approach about it, but they didn’t muck about for years with an absurd licensed technology going nowhere and charged their customers a lot less from the outset. Who needs Tidal?!

Qobuz doesn’t have a “connect” feature which I assume for many is a deal breaker since the native apps are much better than naims own.


I’d rather get full Hires via the Naim app than just CD quality via Tidal Connect.

That, and of course the extent of the catalogue. Although perhaps Qobuz has caught up?

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It will be hi res over Connect too when the update comes.

Yes, I know.

When being the question.

Same here… :disappointed:

I have no issues playing Tidal Max

After communicating with Naim by email, I was told that Naim couldn’t do it because Tidal hasn’t released the integration yet. When this is done, Naim can get started and integrate Tidal Max. Now that a change of Tidal subscriptions is taking place in April, the Naim employee told me that Tidal Max should be implemented by the middle of the year. Hope dies last🤪


But Tidal have released Max for Connect integration.

We know Max Connect was implemented on these platforms (amongst others):
Volumio - November
BluOS - December
WiiM - December
Lumin - December

And realistically in order for these to have it released Nov/Dec it was likely available Sep/Oct '23.

It did take StreamUnlimited till mid March, but at that point it should have been a completely known solution for Naim. Their excuses don’t stand up to scrutiny.


Lyngdorf had there update done round last december (if recalled right). Sim audio is also still lacking the update in their software. Every time i use Tidal, which is almost daily, it reminds me that the software still has not been updated…

There are cost benefits outsourcing parts. But it is also lack of control and priorities to be made. That’s the problem here. Naim don’t own Streaming unlimited and they have their plans which doesn’t match Naim or Tidal plans. Compare to say Lumin who have full control of their streaming platform. They had their software update for Tidal Max in October 2023.


I really don’t know the ins and outs but it’s a bit of a strategic hole here for Naim. If this is the situation because theres no official announcement (that’s another story :grin:).

Streaming has only been getting more and more popular /important but the development is outsourced(?). Which as BB rightly says puts them at a disadvantage.

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I feel in this respect at least linn got it right with their software limitation, it may be as clunky if not more than naims, but it least its in their hands.

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April 10, all Tidal users can access max quality since today.
And Naim support still lacking…

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Hi everyone,

I read in this post that in June Naim will update the libraries via firmware to enjoy Tidal Hires at maximum resolution…

I have a Naim Uniti Nova with Naim App and my Tidal Max maxes out at 44.1 16bit.

Is anyone more up to date on this talk?

@Dansan71 I’m afraid we’re all still waiting to hear any news from Naim…

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It’s a bit like waiting for Godot. Without the laughs.