Tidal MQA streamed from Windows 10 laptop

I understand that the tidal desktop app does at least one unfold of Tidal MQA streams. Is it possible to stream this from a windows laptop direct to an ND5 XS 2 or NDX 2? If so, how?

Apologies in advance but I do not know much about networks - I do not stream at present, rather I just use tidal off the Naim app (no unfold) or other music files connected via a USB SSD.

SPDIF out from PC to streamer. If PC doesn’t have SPDIF out, probably the case unless a more specialist PC, then you may need USB to SPDIF converter and then Coax to the streamer

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…or Roon? You get a free trial, and you can then stream over your network, if you are prepared to pay for it.

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I was hoping to not have a physical connection between my streamer and pc.

I quite like the Naim app so wonder what else Roon would give me for the price but I suppose a trial is a good idea. what is the longest trial period available?
What about effect on SQ?

My point is that it will do the first unfold of MQA from Tidal, and use a network connection to the streamer. So it avoids the direct connection from computer to streamer, and as long as both devices are connected to your network (which they will need anyway) they don’t need to be in the same room.

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Thanks ChrisSU, once the new kit arrives I will try Roon. Is there a longer than 30 days trial available anywhere?

I’m not sure what trials are available, a month is pretty standard.
Personally, I haven’t heard anything that would persuade me to get excited about MQA, and I wouldn’t pay for Roon to get it, but you may or may not find it preferable to using UPnP streaming and the Naim app.

Hi ChrisSU, I find MQA quite good at times when listening via iPad and a chord mojo with my Oppo PM3 headphones.
There is no rush to try Roon as I am enjoying the Naim app at present.

Hi, I find the Naim app fine for controlling streamers, and I don’t think I ‘need’ anything more in order to browse music and control playback. Roon is much more than a replacement for the Naim app, though. You may or may not find that you like any of it’s features, but I think it’s worth doing the trial. If you do, have a listen to regular Tidal 16/44 via Roon, and see if it sounds better than it does from the native Naim version.

Hi @ChrisSU, I cannot say that I notice a difference playing MQA 16 bit on Roon vs the same on Naim app. When using Roon I tend to play the MQA version with Roon doing the first unfold. This sometimes sounds a wee bit better but to be fair, I find that I spend my time enjoying the music rather than thinking about analysing it too much!

I am glad that I did the Roon trial and will certainly keep it for one year. However, if you don’t trial it then you are not missing out because the Naim app is so good.

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Now not so sure if I will keep Roon or not. I really like it but the Naim app works brilliantly for me.

SQ wise there is no real difference to my ears with my system.

Whichever I use I just find myself really enjoying the music and not concerning myself with analysing the Hi-Fi!!!

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