Tidal multiroom drop outs

Hi All, I can’t find the answer to my exact problem, so I am starting a new post.

I have just started a 90 day Tidal subscription to see if I want to enter the world of streaming audio. Playing Tidal through a single Muso (1st Gen) or Muso Qb (1st Gen) is perfect. However, when you link others (2x Muso Qbs (1st Gen)) to multiroom Tidal suffers dropouts repeatedly.

System: Muso (1st Gen), 3x Muso Qb (1st Gen), 350 Mbps up/down connection.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is this a known problem?? Is there a solution???

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Tom, I suspect your home network is struggling with the data flying around both from the router, and back from the multiroom master device to the various client devices. If some or all of your Musos are using WiFi, or Ethernet over mains devices, this will increase the chances of dropouts. It might help if you tell us how your network is set up.

Sorry Chris, I should have said:

All Muso devices are connected via hard wired ethernet, not wifi. Network is very robust - we built the house 3 years ago and work from home - we built a design studio here. The whole house was networked for this very reason. We have a FTTP connection, 350 Mbps up/down, DrayTek Vigor 2860 router, assorted Gigabit switches in 19" rack in studio.

Connections are robust and speed of network is very good.

Hi @GrizzlyHippo
If you set the Tidal quality to ‘High’ in the app and then start something playing, does it still drop out?
Also can you confirm if its just the master device dropping out, or all devices in the multiroom group, or just the ‘slave’ devices that are part of the multiroom group.

Best regards


Hi Steve,

Thanks, I’ll investigate tonight and get back to you.


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