Tidal my daily discovery mix does not appear as favorit

I am getting a bit lazy and do not really browse Tidal for music as much as I maybe could. One way of getting around this could be do listen to the tidal generated My Daily mix, and see if the mix gets better over time. I am sure somebody wrote that when you add this mix playlist as a favorit it will show up in the Naim app. However this does not seem to work it does not appear in my list of playlists. Added yesterday and still not showing up. Other playlists seem to work fine after changing the sowrt order of the playlists in the app, and selecting a new playlist just to be sure that playlists does show up in the app. but no my daily discovery anywhere.

I believe you have to create your own playlist, then add it to the playlist you’re created…Though I also believe this ‘fixes’ it, so you’re newly created playlist won’t update.

The Daily Discovery doesn’t show up in my Naim app either, although I have it marked as favourite in Tidal. I do listen to it almost daily but always from the Tidal app, either laptop or tablet.

That is because the My Daily Discovery list isn’t a Tdal playlist, but falls under “Mixes & Radio”, which aren’t available through the Naim app.