Tidal not behaving……

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Are useless naim going to sort out yet another problem with thier useless products .?.?.?. Now we all have excess money to spend on upgrading our hifi systems, you would think they could put a little importance on the customer who enable them to survive. For years we have been putting up with their substandard app and their substandard products, yes sometimes they sound ok, but lets all admit we could spend our hard earned cash elsewhere and get a better deal without all the excuses. Dear oh dear when will we all learn

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I’m having the same issue with my 272. At the end of each track the device disappears from the app and I have to keep reconnecting. Maybe when people get a “working” version of the app that’s been tested correctly, we should disable or stop installing any future updates :slight_smile:

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I’ve never had a problem with Naim equipment in 35 years. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Played up (excuse the pun!) last evening and today. Plays about 1 second of the track stops just as briefly then plays. Now using the USB plugged into the NDS. Thanks Eoink for raising a ticket.


With my Superuniti the Tidal problem described in this thread started on Thursday night (U.S. West) and has also resulted in the app being very wonky as well. The stutter of the next track (1 second of play, pause, track starts) seems to be less of an issue. I did every reset in the book including deleting the app and reloading it - appears the default is white now - go figure :wink:

Unresponsive: title of song not appearing on the bottom border (where the slider volume resides) unable to toggle between the individual track info (by touching the border) … etc.

Hope they’re working this weekend in Salisbury!

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I doubt that!

Same as with me, raised it.

I’m sure it’s Tidal messing with their Max tier technology and naim and others left in the dark.

Same problem with NDS too at the moment.
After app update the app also got problems finding the streamer. It shows «another app connencted». That happend before, but now its every day. Is it possible to roll back the last app update?

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It’s basically not possible unless Naim re-releases the old app.

FWIW I’m running Audirvana + Qobuz + NDS (upnp) and have no issues with naim app or other things.

Same problems with my 272. Takes more time to start, choking after 1 second, cannot find the streamer. I guess the buffer capacity of the 1st gen streamers simply is too low for future developments. Disappointing as the solution Naim gives seems to be the pricy 222.


I have this problem since this morning using the Naim app (nd5xs).
Yesterday was perfect.
After switching to Roon (with sonicorbiter upnpbridge) everything is fine.
No, no, no: Writing this, the same problem occurs with Roon. But it seems to be more stable, with less stops.

What you can do is start a free trial on Audirvana. Install it on your computer and connect your Tidal account to it and then stream to your naim streamer. My guess is that this will temporarely solve the issue. Actually Audirvana + Qobuz like this sound far superior to the inbuilt Tidal or Spotify solution in the naim boxes.

Now 30 minutes with Roon and no problems.
All problems occur with legacy streamers!?
It’s time to spend a new firmware making the streamer more stable. And the app problem is solved easily with the possibility to use Roon (as the newer products are Roon-ready).
They shoot the bull with supporting even their very first products - mine has 8 years and seems to be out of support since February 2019 when the last firmware update arrived.

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Ok who broke Tidal!lol Mine is doing the same, takes ages to find the next track, when it does it stutters at the start. Not had any issues with my NDS in ages.

Thinking about it, is it time to think about a reliable source? Naim dont make cd players anymore so what options are there? Even the new streamers will fall over one day, unless Naim have their own streaming service

Thats what i think has happened, just goes to show streaming is not guarenteed

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I ripped all my CDs and have them on a solid state drive plugged into my NDX2. About as reliable a (digital) source as you can get I think.