Tidal offer for existing users

Received an email from tidal to extend for a year and get two months free. However, this is not available via tidal.com, but by using a link in the email. I am concerned the email may be phishing.

Anyone used this method safely?

Can you ‘hover’ over the link and see the destination URL ?

Not had one of those emails.

May be genuine, may not - I’d suggest you got to your official account and navigate to a contact page and query with Tidal directly.





Says https://a link.email.tidal.com/…… and a lot of characters.

Thanks, I submitted a query to tidal.

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Suspect it will be genuine but wise to be cautious and I certainly wouldn’t click on the link or enter any account credentials unless I was sure.

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The http"s" gives some validity, but wise to check

I’ve taken advantage of 4 or 5 such deals over the last 3 years with Tidal. I’ve always accessed the promotion through the email because they said that the email was the only method of accessing it.
Never had any bad issues with the process.

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Thanks, I was hoping someone had seen it before.

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Is it not safe to click on the link, only click on it ? I am not talking of course of giving after the informations , like identity, adress….etc

I’ve had both the e-mail and an in-app pop up. First six months pay five. Then a few days later the year pay ten.

Still wondering whether I want to tie myself in considering they might come up with a cheaper no-mqa tier like in Australia.

Not really!

I have a policy of never using an email link to navigate to a web page unless I know and trust the person who has sent me the link, and I am sure that the email has genuinely come from that person. Even then, I am a little wary if I feel that the person who has sent the link may not be particularly ‘savvy’ when it comes to PC security.


If you are at all suspicious on a link, don’t click on it. It’s not that it’s necessarily unsafe just that the text for the link you see may differ from the actual URL. If it’s some kind of spam, you will potentially end up simply validating your e-mail address to the spammers who will send more.

It’s so easy to be caught out by ‘social engineering’ attacks.


I had that offer last yr so all legit

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Same here. Even though the email said that was the only means available, in-app I got the same offer (and clicked that one actually).

Only problem I could see with the whole process is that Tidal’s maths seem to be off. I got “You have been with us for 1 year! Treat yourself to this special offer: 6 months of TIDAL HiFi subscription for the price of 5!”, when I’d been on Tidal for six months. And shortly after taking them up on this offer, I got “You have been with us for 2 years! Treat yourself to this special offer: 12 months of TIDAL HiFi subscription for the price of 10!”:thinking:

They’re also off in that the numbers they’re showing suggest I have the regular HiFi package, when I have the family one. I assume when taking them up the correct amount will be taken. Otherwise it’s a very good deal!

Thank you

This, plus: IF the actual URL goes to a malware-delivering page that exploits a security hole in the browser and/or OS, your computer is now owned by someone else

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Is it the same for an IPad ?


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