Tidal Offline listening. Help please

Hi all,
I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. I have installed the Tidal app and would like to download some music to listen offline.
I have successfully downloaded a few albums to the phones internal memory but not enough capacity to store many at “HiFi” resolution.
In the Tidal app there is an option “Download Destination” I read that this includes an option to download to a micro SD Card.
Now, I dont have an SD Card fitted at the moment.
When I open the “Download Destination” I can only see the phones internal memory with no option to select SD Card.
What I need to know is
(A) is the SD card option not available with my phone
(B) Will I see the option when I install an SD card.
I dont want to waste money on an SD card if it isn’t going to work.
Tried contacting both Samsung & Tidal to no avail.
If anyone here has an answer to the above I will be most grateful.

I don’t have an android but no doubt it works like any other operating system. That is to say it needs to see the storage destination I order to offer it.

A 32 gig card is like 8 quid

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You will see the option when the SD card is installed. Tidal won’t show you a non existing download destination (if no SD card is available to the Android OS).
I have a 128 gb sd card in my Samsung device, Tidal sees it in the Download Destination selector.

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The other option is to download the albums at a lower resolution than ‘hifi’. I listened to downloaded albums through Bluetooth connected wireless headphones and I couldn’t really tell difference

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Thanks dknk.
Does the SD Card need to be formatted? I read somewhere that the J7 2017 “doesnt format micro sd cards for internal storage”. I dont know if that’s correct.
Assuming the card will work what spec card should I be looking at, I understand the different capacity’s eg 64, 128, 256gb etc but confused about the different speeds and variations.

Even through Bluetooth and car audio I can hear a difference albeit not as much as with my streamer and Naim system at home.

Since it’s for music playback, I would think most SD cards will work. You don’t need the latest, greatest SD card. Shutdown your Andriod device, install SD card, power up, and the Android OS should automatically configure it for use.

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Thanks, I just found an online page from Samsung with instructions for formatting should it need it.
Although it might be overkill through a Bluetooth connection I’m downloading “HiFi” resolution. I was wondering if I needed a faster speed card

You only need a fast card if you’re recording HD video or rapid burst shooting in a camera or doing big data transfers. For music playback a bog standard card will be fine as long as you stick to reputable brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Lexar or similar. Avoid cheap Chinese brands you’ve never heard of

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Thanks, Sandisk Ultra?

Any of the makes @elverdiblanco will be fine, I would add Kingston and PNY to the list too.

It’s also important to order from a reputable supplier as there are many fakes, so avoid Amazon marketplace and eBay.

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Thanks all,
This is all Greek to an old analogue duffer like me, so much appreciated
Ordering a Sandisk Ultra direct supplied from Amazon (not marketplace)

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I streamed for a while with AptX to the probably best BT AptX DAC that was available at the time and while it sounded superficially fine on the home stereo, somehow I lost all interest in listening

True, but I only use this way of listening for holidays, airplane flights (remember those?) etc so it is fine for that purpose

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