Tidal on the Naim App - Browsing Search results

When you search for an Artist, Album, or a Track, and you get some results. If you choose a search result and it is the wrong one, and you want to go back to the search result list, how do you do that?
The Back Button of the smartphone will not take there.
It seems that a new search has to be made. Am I wrong?

i am on android and the global (naim) search and qobuz search both go back to search results if you select back button- try the global search (ie on naim main screen) that may work - but you may be on ios which may be different (also i am on beta version of app which may be different again)

On my adroid tablet, if I sellect the wrong artist, pressing return takes me back to the list of searches I’ve made. Top of the list is the last search I made, pressing that takes me back to the search results.

Yeh! that how it is, so you have to research. No way to get back to the search results.
In the Tidal Android App, the “back” will take you to the search results.

I thing that you are wrong. It will take you to previous search words, not to the results.
In the Tidal Android App, the “back” will take you to the search results.

on my tablet it takes you to search results - i just rechecked it - as i mentioned i am on beta version, perhaps you are on production version?

I’m with the 2.18.0 version.

i’m on beta testing version 2.19.0 - i don’t run both versions side by side so can’t check how production version works.

Where do you get the Beta version?

the easiest thing is to wait till next release.
if you want to become a beta tester you need join the beta testing group (see richard dane’s posts) but i think i have read somewhere that it is now full.

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