Tidal output volume

Hi everyone,
I am a happy owner of an Atom.
When using Tidal, I struggle with the following: the output volume is very low and I have to increase it very much to almost 40 to have a similar level to e.g. radio stations with setting of 25 volume
I have already tried all the settings of Tidal but can’t find a solution.
What is your experience? Thanks

Is this using the Naim app to stream Tidal?
In which case which app and control point (iOS or Android)?
In the Naim app in settings, there is a trim adjustment for each type of input, iirc including Tidal and iRadio.

Input trim adjustment is not available on Tidal or iRadio, so unfortunately that is not a solution here.

Thanks Chris, away from home, hence caveat.
No confo from op as to whether the Naim app is being used.