Tidal ‘play last’

Hi all. I’m just about to upgrade my hifi from a Superuniti BT, at long last :slight_smile: I am thinking of maybe a new Naim Classic amp setup, with an Auralic G3, or the matching Naim Classic streamer/pre-amp. My question is more to do with the app integration with regards to Tidal. The Naim app. seems to be the only one that offers the ‘add last’ feature, when playing music and adding another track to your ongoing playlist. Not to be confused with the actual ‘playlist’ you can store within your Tidal account. My Son’s Wiim streamer doesn’t show this ‘add last’ option, and the Tidal app itself seems not to show it when using Tidal-Connect either. Not sure about Auralics app. Does anyone here have an Auralic streamer (or another make) plugged into their Naim boxes? The ‘add last’ option in the ‘Tidal integrated’ Naim app is a brilliant option in my eyes. I cannot understand why it’s dependent on the make of streamer as to whether it’s offered or not.!..?

I am not quite sure I understand what you are after but in the Tidal app (I use that for Tidal Connect) there are two options to add tracks to the play queue ie. -Play next and Add to the play queue. The latter puts the track last in the queue.

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Yes, thank you for your kind reply. That’s what I find when using the Naim app with Tidal integration.
My question is whether the Auralic app offers the same option to ‘play last’. Some apps, ie the Wiim app, that offer ‘Tidal Connect’ don’t seem to have this ‘play last’ option. I’m really after someone who has an Auralic streamer (or another make) that can tell me if their app offers this ‘play last’ option in the list.
Apologies for the confusion :joy:

The Tidal app using tidal connect to the Wiim

No option to ‘play last’

There are a few Auralic users here, but why not ask on the Auralic forum which will be full of people who use their streamers.

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Thanks ChrisSU, I wasn’t sure exactly where to start my question, here or as you kindly suggested the Auralic area.

Have you actually tried to add anything to the queue (your Wiim example)? In the Tidal app there is the play next option only at the start but once there is at least two tracks on the queue the add to play queue option is shown too (meaning tracks can be added at the end). Sorry that I cannot help concerning Auralic.

Yes it’s just the play last that seems to be non-existent. This enables one to add to the queue, add next just plays whatever tou select as the next track. According to Tidal, it dependes entirely on the manufacturer of the streamer/app itself. Sone can give you the ‘play last’ option while others cannot.

Yes, the embedded Tidal functionality inside manufacturer’s own app (like Naim app) is depending how it has been coded. However, Tidal connect (through Tidal native app) should work in same (or similar) way regardless of the streamer used.

I have a Vega G2 in my second system. Auralic’s (Lightning) control app offers the option to “Play Next” or “Play Later” when adding a track. The latter puts the track at the end of the playlist.

Incidentally, the Auralic is OpenHome compatible and can be controlled by any compatible app. I mostly use the Linn app which also offers those options.