Tidal Play list keeps stopping

The Naim app continues to give trouble with the inbuilt Tidal service.

The Radio as well as NAS works well… only when you connect to Tidal, the song stops… either mid way or at the end… and does not move to the next song…

Also Tidal also adds favorite Track, Album or Artist randomly and I have to keep deleting… will you look into this… especially not playing through a playlist is a real issue.

You need to tell us more than that!

What Naim product are you using? What firmware does it have on it? What version of the Naim app are you using (Android, IOS) and what version is it? What Android device running what version of OS or what version of IOS if it’s an iPhone/iPad.

What is your home network? How are the devices connected?

ND 555 serial no 463186
Ios app version 5.23 system version 3.8.05355
Firmware 3.8.0.(5355)
IPAD iOS version 15.2

Home Network runs on a single IP with a central distribution point. Nd555 connected using ethernet.

Do let me know if you need additional details.


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