Tidal playlist missing tracks

I have a rather large playlist that currently consists of 911 tracks. Because of the playlist limit that my Unitilite can handle, tracks 500 onwards are duplicated in a second playlist. Comparing the two suggests that I have lost 3 tracks from the larger playlist. When I access tracks via the app, finger swipes sometimes bring up the delete track option. To the best of my knowledge I have never proceeded with a delete action but the only way I can explain the missing tracks is if my finger swiping has accidentally deleted tracks without my realising it. (I do have two tracks that Tidal no longer supports that still appear greyed out, so I assume the missing tracks are not just tracks that Tidal no longer supply). Anyway in an attempt to keep a record of the tracks in the playlist I created a further playlist and copied the playlist into it. However, in doing this a Tidal message advised that some tracks were not available and only copied 884 of them to the new list. This baffles me, as the first of the tracks that I identified as not carrying across plays fine from the original list. Can anyone explain this?

Just a guess but when you created the new playlist that initiated a check of the tracks and that has resulted in some missing because of regional issues, etc. The legacy playlist is probably not re-checked since created or the previous play through.

I have now tried deleting the new playlist, and creating it again with the exact same result. It appears (I say appears because so far I have only checked out the first missing track) the same tracks are missing. That first missing track is “Whisky is the life of man” from Bellowhead’s album Matachin. I can add the track by selecting it individually from the original playlist though. If anyone wishes to view the playlists in an attempt to work this one out they should be accessible via my profile pp mitch. Oddly, of the three playlists that I have (A tune or two.) and the new backup (ATOT 06/05/24 backup) fail to be identified when I try to find them with a Tidal search, while the third one is searchable. They are all set as public playlists so perhaps just another mystery?