Tidal, Qobuz and Roon

Am loving Roon, and have a collection of FLAC music on a NAS and Tidal albums added to my Roon library.

If I were to switch to Qobuz, is there a way of replacing the Tidal albums with the Qobuz variant? Sure, could subscribe to both, but I’d rather not…

Not certain I want to, but am getting the vibe that Qobuz is preferred by many on here…

You can use a service called Soundiiz to do the conversion.

You have to pay to do it in bulk but the minimum one month will be sufficient. It saves a ton of work.

I did this on around 1000 albums and it did a pretty good job of it. There were some gaps which I manually searched for and I wasn’t many albums short by the end.

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I know Soundiiz does playlist conversions - but I don’t have the albums in playlists, just added to Roon - still ok?

If you sign into the Tidal app you can check exactly which albums, artists etc. you have saved. The paid version of Soundiiz will transfer them all to Qobuz, although there’s always the chance that a few won’t make it.
Once you’ve closed your Tidal account you can still see your saved albums in the app, you just can’t play them, so the lists are not lost forever.

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Yep, did same thing with Soundiiz. Works fast.

Yep use Soundiiz. Its far from perfect and didn’t match a lot of the albums I had so had to add them in manually and for me quite a lot are not on Qobuz at all and I still get this so I ended up keeping both for now.

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I know it’s a bit ‘nerdy’ and it might take some time but I would do it manually. Retain your Tidal subscription for the short term and add Qobuz then check the versions tab in Roon for each album. There are often a number of options in Qobuz, CD standard to various versions of Hi Res, and you can choose the version that suits you best. When complete unsubscribe Tidal and there you go.

I made this transition and did it manually, it’s fairly painless. Run Tidal and Qobuz together initially, when you open an album/artist in Roon just identify preferred version of recording in Qobuz and add, doesn’t take that long.

I switched from Tidal to Qobuz recently after a recommendation from Pete at Acoustica who set up my system. As Naim cannot handle the highest quality settings for Tidal I have noticed a considerable increase in sound quality using the Qobuz HiDef streams.

The switch was essentially zero input using Soundiiz. The only thing that took time was getting the offline Qobuz tracks onto my phone for when I’m out and about. But again no effort, 3k tracks transferred in an evening.

As for a rune I’ve had it for almost 12 months having previously tried the 2 month (?) free demo some time ago. It was a lockdown purchase which I’ve regretted and won’t be renewing. The radio feature was ok I guess but I just didn’t get Rune.

Good luck switching.

I’m running Tidal and Qobuz.

Just know that, depending what you listen to, there can be a disconnect between the offerings of both. So make sure your favourite artists are on Qobuz before going.

As for quality, with Roon we get the first MQA unfold as well. I cannot say that I notice a huge difference between the two when playing one or the other.

I know it is two subs but I kinda like that Roon allows the merging of the two services and always goes for the highest quality on offer.

That said I have the Star. I don’t know if the difference in quality becomes more apparent on the higher end Naim streamers.

So I’ve used Soundiiz to transfer my Tidal playlists and artists to Qobuz, and the playlists show up fine in Roon.

However, if I look at particular album in the Roon library, all I see is the one I’d added before, and that it’s also available in Qobuz - I’d expected it to add it to my library and she it as an alternate version, so hen I unsubscribe from Tidal it’ll be there in Roon.

Is this because it takes Roon a while to pull the info across into the database (it was only a few tens of minutes ago I linked the Qobuz account) or am I misunderstanding what happens?

Well, think it might be working as more albums are showing up now.

However, have decided to collate a copy of all my disparate music into one file location, and then do a de-duplication. At the moment I have a lot of things in Roon which I’ve manually hidden, or combined in alternate versions of albums, but Roon is very conservative at this. So it’s a bit of mess, esp with both Tidal and Qobuz variants there.

So as I build up my NUC for a ROCK installation, I’m thinking I’ll not migrate my database across, but will run SongKong to add lots of tags, then de-duplicate replica or and lower quality albums, then give that location to Roon. Not decided whether to give it both Qobuz and Tidal accounts - some stuff missing in Tidal that I’d quite like but can probably buy easily enough with the funds I save each month on Qobuz…

So I should end up with a reasonably clean Roon database and a nicer browsing experience as I don’t scroll through 15 versions of Amy Winehouse…

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