Tidal streamer for SN3

Hi, I have Teac NT-505 now, its quite nice but I plan to upgrade it
Two options:

  1. ND5 xS2
  2. Lumin U1 mini (or Lindemann Bridge) + Denafrips Ares 2

Any opinions?

I would go with the ND5 XS2.

Why? Because I have owned a ND5 XS, NDX and currently a NDX 2 w/XPS PS. I have been pleased with all three streamers.

No opinion on the second option because I have never heard in a demo or owned any of the products mentioned.

Obvious recommendation is to have a in-shop demo if possible and a home demo before purchase to confirm the music works well for you in your environment.

Good luck with your decision…

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Auralic Altair G1 perhaps? I’ve got it in my system with the SN3. The app is very good en the SQ even better. And a bit cheaper then the ND5XS2.

What about Lumin T2 vs ND5 XS2?

I have a good deal for Moon 390 streamer, what do you think?

It’s not just the streamer to be considered … the app with some units are awful.

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I am using a Chord Hugo 2 plus Hugo 2Go into my Supernait 2. I am very happy with this, and the Chord combo is highly flexible for those who like their music when travelling.

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I have to decide ND5 XS2 or Moon 390, price almost the same…

If you get the Naim streamer you can link them by system automation and control the SN volume and inputs via the app. With the alternative you can’t. That would be enough to decide it for me anyway.


Sure, but look at the list price, 390 is much more expensive, I have a great deal for Moon

List price similiar to NDX2

I was looking at the ND5XS2, Auralic G1, NAD658 and ARCAM ST60.

I discounted the Arcam due to the control app, I discounted Auralic because I wasn’t interested in an Apple only product but the reviews are very good and my Naim dealer recommended the machine. The NAD has great reviews but looks plastic and a bit cheap. I was offered a pristine Grade A ND5 for a very good price, liked the reviews for the streamer and control app. The sound quality is excellent even on Spotify and feeding its some FLAC files it really sings.

Good luck with your choice


  • It has some advanced EQ curve options which Naim lacks
  • It does MQA which Naim doesn’t


  • It’s perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing device, if that matters anything to you…

Well, a Moon 390 is quite a piece. If the price is good then I would be tempted to. And the MIND-app should be alright.

If you already have SN3, get the ND5XS2.

The ability to perform volume control with the naim app using system automation is god sent.


To be honest on a Naim forum the answer is always going to be option 1 and it’s fair to say you won’t go wrong with that option either.

I think for the budget you are considering the Naim probably is the best choice objectively.

Personally I have a Lindemann Network with Linear Power Supply which I am incredibly happy with. That said I am pushing this through an XS2 so we are in slightly different budgets.

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