Tidal streaming on SU

Hi all,

Tidal streaming is interrupted on my SU from the very beginning very often. Now it is even worst and worst. I instaled Naim firmare version 6.4, I reinstalled Naim app, but no any improvement. It is the same with using iPad, Sony smartphone, Motorola smartphone for Naim app. Would anybody advice/help, please ?


Hi, I think you meant version 4.6? The latest is 4.7 and included a Tidal fix, so the first thing I would try is updating.

Hi Chris,

Thank you, 4.7 is OK .))

I have one more issue.
I have Tidal HIFI licence
Tidal streaming sound via SU seems to me a bit weak.
The sound is not (much) better comparig with the sound of sources TV/laptop connect to my SU via less expensive cables.

Tidal sound would be noticable better than TV/laptop sound

There is no noticable Tidal streaming sound quality change when I switch Tidal quality normal/high/HIFI

I use less expensive router and CAT5e cable for Tidal streaming. Maybe this would be the point.

Is there some advice how to improve Tidal streaming sound ?


Hi Jiri
When you look at the Naim app screen, does it show that you’re getting a 16/44.1 stream?
If you sign into your Tidal account on a computer, regardless of the subscription level you are paying for, it’s possible to set the stream quality to 16/44.1 or to a lower level.
Then check the Tidal settings in the Naim app, and make sure they are set to HiFi/16/44.1 too.
(Tidal will happily charge you double for a lossless subscription and send you a lossy stream if you’re not careful!)

Once you’ve checked that, it’s worth worth mentioning that Tidal sound quality is generally thought to be a little below that of local streaming, say from a CD rip of the same album, although I would still say it sounds much better than any lossy MP3.

Hi Chris,

settings are OK both Tidal and Naimapp HIFI quality (frequence not shown)
sound practicaly the same as loosy material

May I ask for another advice, please ?

I bought second hand NAP 250 on Ebay

I suppose for the SU and NAP 250 connection:
SU peramp out is to be used (looks like DIN 4)
NAP 250 DIN 3 input to be used
Is it OK ?

cables can have diffferent conductors configuration
Which proper Naim cable to be used, please ?

Naim supply the correct cable with the 250, so you should ask the seller to ensure that it’s included.
If you need to buy one, it’s a 4 pin DIN to 3 pin XLR. If you buy a genuine Naim one, or one from a supplier such as Chord or Witchhat who understand Naim gear, it’ll be fine.

I will prefer genuine Naim cable, as generally recommended in this forum
Snaic is OK or better to pay pro Hi-Line by youyrs opinion, please ?

The standard Naim cable doesn’t look fancy, but it does a good job. There is no Hiline DIN-XLR, only a Super Lumina which is serious money. I would just go with the standard Naim cable.
If you bought a used 250 you should really ask the seller to provide the cable, as it is included in the price of the amp when you buy it new.

Yes Chris,

I did already, but seler (Acoustica North West Limited) do not respond (so far), maybe because of company closing for Xmass holidays or I do no know why

Thank you very much for your help .))

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