Tidal streaming service issue

Hi all, I’m a new member, hoping to gain a few insights. I’ve got a Muso 2, and love it, stored my fav digital radio stations, connect via Bluetooth to my Pro-Ject turntable etc use both Spotify and Tidal for streaming. However just recently I cannot, no matter what I try and do, can get the Muso via the Naim app to connect to my Tidal account. States unable to connect to server each time. I can jump out of the Naim app and into Tidal standalone app, log in etc so nothing wrong with passwords or account. I always log out so that there can be no conflict with devices…I’ve powered down Muso device and restarted along with de/reinstalling Naim app. Any ideas to solving this would be greatly appreciated…

Do you have another device on which you could install the Naim app to try connection?
Could be an issue with your current phone.
Perhaps restart your mobile/tablet after re installing the app?

Hi, I have the Naim app on both my phone and tablet, both are returning the same errors, and both individually can connect to my Tidal account outside of the Naim app, which is confusing (android devices)

May I ask what devices you are using?
May be worth speaking with Naim to see if they have any known issues with these devices, although having two with problems I admit is unlikely.
By your first post, it seems that it DID work some time ago? Has anything happened in the meantime that may affect things?
It may ofcourse be a Tidal issue (API updates) that can cause problems periodically via the Naim app.

Hi, there is no need to log out of Tidal on other devices or apps. If you are actually using Tidal elsewhere, on more devices than your account allows, it just won’t play.
Have you tried logging out of Tidal in the Naim app input settings, then logging back in? That sometimes jolts it into action.

I am actually logged out in the Naim app, it is from here that I can’t log back in…just get the error message that it’s unable to connect to Tidal server

My devices are Samsung tablet and a Landrover rugged phone

Yes it did work, and I only subscribed to Tidal to get best benefit from the audio qualities of the device. Admittedly haven’t used Tidal for a little while.
The Naim app reports ‘unable to connect to Tidal server’. if I go to settings menu within Naim app and try to log in get same as from GUI…but I can follow the directions from here to Tidal app and all is fine with my log in credentials so not a server issue, although music streams to my android device and not the Muso…

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Going by other posts…I think this is a tidal issue.
Wait till tomorrow and see how things go.

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