Tidal 'Subscription required'

Set up my new muso 2 and qb2 yesterday over wifi for now. Downloaded the Naim app and subscribed to the free 90 day Tidal trial. Didn’t test it until this morning but when pressing the Tidal button, a message pops up to say ‘Subscription Required’.

I provided my card details when registering and approved the £0 payment in my banking app. I’ve not had confirmation email but I’m still registered on Tidal via the website but can’t see how to get the 90 day, or how to reapply to tidal through the app.

Any suggestions?

It’s automatic, they won’t start charging you until month 4.

You need to put your Tidal login credentials into the Naim app. (Can’t remember specifically where though!)

Thanks but problem is I can’t even open Tidal through the Naim app as a pop out window says ‘Subscription required’

I imagine it would be after I press the Tidal button on the app, but I can’t get that far as the pop up blocks me

You need to setup tidal in the settings, input, tidal first.

What happens if you go to:

Settings > Input setting > TIDAL > TIDAL login

That is another way to give the credentials.

Edit: Claus beat me on this.

If I follow those steps it says

Settings > Input setting > TIDAL > Download TIDAL L app

And if I download the app, it says

Settings > Input setting > TIDAL > open TIDAL app

Thanks, see response to Osprey

And input enabled had a green tick

I prefer Qobuz.


That is strange. The login should be above the option Open TIDAL app.

An after thought – can you log in to TIDAL app?

Yes I can log into Tidal app and onto their website

You don’t have the login option because you are already logged in to Tidal. That’s why you have the Logout option!

So as you are logged in and you have enabled the input, you should be able to just select the Tidal icon on the home page in the app and go straight in.

Or you could logout on that screen you have shown us, maybe power cycle the unit, and then log in again.

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I couldn’t get the 3 month trial to work for me so I waited till there was a £2 for two months around Christmas to do my trial.

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