Tidal to discontinue MQA

Just saw this on Stereonet.
I am unsure if this will affect folk here as I don’t think Naim supports MQA.

I thought this was known for like a year?

I thought that they told us that it was brilliant, the best thing in music reproduction since Edison.

Good riddance! I hope Lenbrook fails in trying to push MQA on the public.

Not that the catalog would be removed. Makes sense with the new streaming mqa that is to be released. My guess is that even with the bigger userbase this will be another mqa failure in the making.

I think MQA as we largely knew it has become audio history like DCC. I think Lenbrook (who bought MQA’s assets) will be concentrating on some of the new codecs like SCL6 for Bluetooth where it potentially has merit and a demand. An SCL6 licensing deal with a major smartphone manufacturer could be very tasty…

Could be a good thing if they decide to replace with regular high resolution files, e.g. 96khz or 192khz with 24bit resolution.

It is old news and it won’t be missed by me. I like Tidal and am pleased with the SQ generally. I do use my Core and vinyl as well.