Tidal via Chromecast (and not Tidal Connect) to a Nova

Hi guys. How do I get Naim Nova to stream Tidal via Chromecast and not via Tidal Connect?

With today’s update of the Tidal app on Android, I could stream HiRes via Chromecast. Still, I’ve always used Tidal Connect and now that’s the only option visible in the Tidal and Naim apps. No clue how to try Chromecast… Any ideas?

I backed into a way to do it - at least for regular Tidal - I don’t have Tidal Max.

My first streamers were Squeezeboxes, so I’ve been using the Logitech Media Server for many years. I still keep it, because I have some ChromeCast Audio devices and LMS has a plug-in for ChromeCast. Right now, LMS sits on the same server as JRiver, which I use for UPnP.

The LMS solution is a kludge, but except for the purchase of an app for the remote, it’s free. It’s stable with the ChromeCast pucks, but I had to work to get it there. I haven’t done any long term testing with the Naim players.

One more thing - a further kludge will allow the ChromeCast pucks to play gapless.

Happy to go into more detail if anyone is interested.

Edit - wondering if BubbleUPnP might be a better choice. I experimented with it, but at the time I had some other issues (of my own making).

Further Edit - I just noticed - it’s not clear from the screenshot, but that’s a Tidal playlist I created. I’m not sure whether you can run Tidal through BubbleUPnP.

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Thanks! I found a temporary solution to enjoy the maximum HiRes on the Naim - signed up for a Qobuz 2-month free trial period. Hope Tidal Connect can stream the highest resolution on Naim by the time this 2-month trial is over :slight_smile:

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