Tidal vs Qobuz for Classical searches

I know that these two have been discussed on here a few times but I can’t find much about how good they are at finding specific versions of classical pieces. Idagio is miles ahead of outfits like Spotify regarding classical searches but for me, because Idagio is limited to classical only it does not tick all the boxes. I want a wider range of music but a decent way to search for classical pieces too. I currently have Amazon Unlimited which will expire in a month or two and searching for classical music on that is a very hit and miss affair. Does anyone have experience of classical searching on Tidal or Qobuz? I am leaning toward Qobuz as a replacement as the price has reduced and I ‘think’ I am not going to get hi-rez out of Tidal on my Uniti Star, or am I wrong about that?

hi @Chris-T i agree with jmtennapel that a search for a particular piece is hit and miss. if you know conductor / key soloist you can usually find a major piece with 1 or 2 tries, but searching for all recordings of a minor piece is generally less successful. i switched from tidal to qobuz for the hi-rez and the pdf of cd-booklets. to get hi-res from tidal you would need MQA decoding which is not available from NAIM and not i think likely to appear in the foreseeable future. so you would need to buy additional h/w and/or s/w - switching to qobuz was simpler for me.

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Uaing primephonic is a bliss

But only classical I believe.

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Thanks jmtennapel and indexical, it’s as i thought. It looks like it will have to be Qobuz as I am suspicious that Amazon may not sound as good as Qobuz and their classical search is just as poor.

I use qobuz with Naim, Spotify with my mobile and my wife used it i( free İnternet), Primephonic for classical with both streamer and phone

I enjoy Primephonic because i listen different interpretations of a piece one after because you can make the search for it

Spotify and Primephonic are relatively cheap for n Turkey, both cost as much as a 3 caffe lattes in a nice cafe

I don’t as well and pay my streaming:)

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Qobuz is better sound quality but less of a library. was just looking at Nirvana back catalogue, hundreds of tidal tracks vs 40 Qobuz. I still go to Qobuz as I like the sound quality so pay for both. a lot of the tracks Tidal can’t beat it.

don’t bother with Spotify, it’s sub audio quality. there is a lot better.

But isn’t this a thread about classical searches?


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Yes, my question was about classical searches but it might well have been too boring for people who cannot appreciate the music. Anyway, sadly the answer is all too clear, neither Tidal or Qobuz are much good for classical searches. The only company that can do it reasonably well is Idagio but they are limited to classical only and I don’t want to pay for two subscriptions in order to listen to music other than classical. A shame that the big boys cannot get it right.

to clarify my earlier reply, although not perfect i think the qobuz search is pretty good - eg searching for albums reviewed in gramophone or bbc music i find 90% on first search 5% on second search - the last few they don’t have - principally hyperion -but i don’t think any of the streaming services have hyperion.

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Very similar experience here — and I very much enjoy reading reviews in Gramophone and then listen to the album using Quboz. :smiley:

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Thanks both indexical & Naim_The_Dragon. That sounds encouraging. I am going to give Qobuz a trial when I get closer to my Amazon Music HD expiry date so that will probably be next month.

That’s my experience of Qobuz, too. Far from perfect, but mostly pretty useable.

I recently went through an exercise of comparing versions of Mahler’s Lied von der Erde and a quick search threw up two very recent versions and two different recordings by Kathleen Ferrier, which were all versions I wanted to include in my comparison.


It sounds better than I thought. I see the free trial is only available if you go down the pay monthly route. I would prefer to pay annually so it looks as though I would have to sign up for monthly and cancel before the trial expires and then pay for an annual account. I wonder if cancelling and then trying to pay for an annual account will confuse their system. Why do they make it difficult rather than easy I wonder.

I went for an annual Qobuz sub partly on the basis that I thought it would take me that long to fully evaluate the pros and cons of the service. I also reckoned that of I then cancelled I’d have spent the cost of a dozen or so CDs or downloads, which, relative to what I’d spent on hardware and software over the years, was hardly a fortune.


i seem to remember a few postings on problems with Qobuz payment system getting confused - i have kept to monthly and had no problems.

I’m just not that keen on paying £30 more by paying monthly. It wouldn’t go down well with SHMBO. :slight_smile:

I decided to take the plunge and have signed up for the free trial. Now I have joined I can see the I can change the plan if I want to. Why don’t they make that clear beforehand I wonder.