Tidal vs Qobuz vs Tidal 16 44 standard on NDS

Hi all, a couple of topics:

  1. After tidal improvement to flac hi res files, do you prefer tidal or qobuz?
  2. I have a NDS playing standard tidal and a node connected with digital cable to NDS. I did not notice sound improvement in NDS playing standard 16 44 tidal files vs node playing hi res files and dac conversion performed by NDS.
    Still bare NDS is great, maybe biggest difference can be heard from recording quality, doesn’t matter the encoding hires vs cd quality. What’s your opinion?
  1. Native Tidal on NDS is not that good IMO. It sounds bit dead, non dynamic, boring.

Bit off topic but just saw Sbooster have released an upgrade kit for Node which will increase its performance a lot.

Personally I use a Lindemann Limetree Bridge II + Sbooster MKII + Qobuz into my NDS digital input. Sounds wonderful!

Thanks for sharing your experience blackbird! I will have a look at the upgrade

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I am thinking exactly the same thing, but not on same device.
I would like to stop my Spotify and move to Tidal or Qobuz, so following this thread to get more insights!

I stopped spotify 1 year ago, honestly I think Spotify is more oriented to podcast, playlist and generic fun, while Tidal is fully dedicated to music. now with flac even more. music catalogue is very wide, not fully comprehensive like spotify but really wide. most important thing is that musical experience w tidal / qobuz is much better, difference of quality is big. this you can try also with trial period


My ears are well run in on native NDS/Tidal. I’m a fan.

Qobuz is better imo, but only on balance. I would say Tidal is a darker sound.


I recently switched from Tidal to Qobuz. With Qobuz it is possible to listen to Hires 24 bit audio, while on Tidal the mda files are not supported by Naim.
In my opinion the SQ on Qobuz is much better, I hear much more detail in the music. I can also listen at higher volumes without impact on the SQ

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Tidal has now more and more FLAC containers and so far so good I am very happy playing with Tidal Connect. Qobuz is a great platform too.

I’m struggling with this one.

Qobuz has a more revealing sound. No question.

I do miss Tidal though. Tidal has a bit more depth imo.

It’s a difficult call.

Qobuz more impact. Tidal better for longer listens imo

That’’s very interesting, it seems there’s a different coding among tidal and qobuz

For me Qobuz is a wider soundstage, and more forward.

Tidal is a little less expansive from side to side, but it has more depth.

That could down to the Cisco switch.

I use Qobuz, adding a Cisco made things a bit too bright. Put it in the bin after a couple of days.

Are you comparing Tidal Max to Qobuz Flac? I’ve been doing that for a week or so and I don’t think I could say which is what in a true AB test.

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I’m on Tidal HiFi Plus. Haven’t heard of Tidal Max

Unfortunately Naim does not support the Tidal 24 bit Flac files, so currently only possible to stream in 16 bit.

I have to admit that during the trail period of Qobuz my opinion has changed. First I was very optimistic about the SQ, but I miss depth and punch. It is sounds too bright. I am back on Tidal again and hope for the software update soon.

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