Time for a service?

I recently bought a Nait 2, that according to the previous owner was rarely used and has never been serviced / recapped.

The Nait 2 sounds great, sonically, are there any signs that a service is required? Should I have it serviced anyway given the age of the machine?


Caps degrade with time, although accelerated with elevated temperatures.
Getting it serviced should prevent a future failure, as well as dealing with any past degradation. Get an estimated price for the work, and decide if you think the cost warrants the benefits. Otherwise, just use it and enjoy it.

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Last June I had my CB Nait2 serviced, and it had never been touched internally - it was quite an improvement, and one of the best ‘upgrades’ I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommended.

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You can roughly ‘age’ your Nait here: https://www.naimaudio.com/serial-numbers

Product History is here - https://www.naimaudio.com/product-history

If its over 10 years old (which it must be) and hasn’t been serviced/re-capped, its probably over due…

Believe Naim can tell you if they have seen it.

You can get it serviced at Naim in Salisbury - or at Class A who are in Sheffield.


I’ve been pondering the same question recently. I have a NAP 155 XS (2009) which sounds good to me, but I’ve nothing to compare it against.

I remember reading on the old Naim forum that if you play music and turn the amp off you should hear music playing for a while before it cuts out. If the capacitors are bad then it will cut out immediately (like mine does!).

Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not?

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The caps should hold charge for a short period. After a few seconds they will sound distorted, then stop.


Thanks for all the advice, will be booking for a service next week and will report back how things go.

Hi Wayne,
I would expect this to happen if you are powering your preamp directly from the power amp, as the preamp power supply voltage will drop below the preamp output relay threshold pretty rapidly. You should hear a secondary pop through the speakers once the power amp capacitors have discharged.



I find myself with a bit of a quandary with respect to my 72/140.
I don’t think either have been serviced since birth. When turning the 140 off it “pops” the speakers instantly, which may suggest a service is overdue.
But, I’m enjoying the sound. The top is very clear. Perhaps too clear when compared with my regular (non Naim )pre/power.
Was wondering if this over brightness is an indicator of needing a service?

Again, if you are powering the 72 direct from the 140 this will happen as the preamp relay switches off while the power amp is still active.
I’ve not heard of brightness being attributed to overdue service, usually cables/speakers or speaker positioning. I stand to be corrected on that though!



Using NAC5, using means wrestling!
Speakers are PMC 20 26, all being fed with an NDX2/Xpsdr.
Both 72 and 140 are mint. Inside and out ( boxed, appropriate manual and SNAIC. Whoever previously owned them either wrapped then in cotton wool, or , hopefully not, did not use them much.
I was genuinely surprised by the sound. Clear. Plenty of top, not so much low bass ( but its a 140). But, but, but. Nothing to moan about. The excessive top end is more of a comparison to my current pre/power rather than a criticism.
I would expect a lack of this to indicate a service being required. Hence my confusion!
Anyway, 72 and 140 will be serviced.

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Give it another week of being powered up and used. They may not have been used for a while. My 72 sounded a bit brighter then the 62 it replaced but it’s settled down now. It hadn’t been used for about 6 months before I got it

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Thanks. I’ll give it a go. I was not sure 8f the 72 was overly bright or my MF Nuvista pre less so. I’d usually say the MF was on the money, so was surprised by the 72.

I’d blame the MF :joy::joy::joy:

I was at one point!
Except I have fully recapped the NV pre myself. I spent ages sourcing the caps.( the main psu ones are a tight fit!). And doing a good job on it.
The NV power has just had somewhat of a rebuild. New transformers, caps, wiring, connectors. But this time done by someone who knows what they are doing!
I have even considered ( ill get flamed for this) running the 72 into the MF power amp. ( yep, I’ll need a hicap). That would be intresting.

Many have used different pre and power amps with naim. May work may not but you can only try :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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