Timeshifting BBC Radio

If I use the BBC Sounds app on my Android phone I can pause and rewind BBC Radio streams. If however I then use the app to cast to my ND5XS2 it reverts to live radio and the ability to pause and rewind is lost. Is this a limitation of the Android version of the app or is this the behavior on all systems? Is there anything I can do to get the ability to pause and rewind when listening through the streamer?

I’ve had no such trouble using the Sounds app on iOS via AirPlay, so possibly an Android app or Chromecast issue. In general, I’ve found Chromecast to function quite badly and tend to avoid it because of issues like this, although I couldn’t say for sure that it’s to blame for this particular issue.

Must be a Chromecast implementation issue. I just tried it with bluetooth through the streamer and I can pause and rewind using the BBC Sounds app

I guess that could be the BBC’s implementation of Chromcast, or Naim’s. Do you have the same problem if you use Chromecast with other apps? Maybe worth trying to narrow it down by using it with Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Qobuz, or whatever else you might use.

Those other services work fine with casting from the phone app to the streamer. I’ve been trying to find another app that allows timeshifting live radio to see if it is just the BBC app that has a problem but do far I’ve not found any other apps that allow timeshifting of live radio so any suggestions are welcome.

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