Titan on podiums

I know some have a bit of experience on titan speakers on townhsend podiums, plus i see that it’s not straightforward due to he fixing on the speaker’s, but any more views on all this?

Plus i did see just one post stating that the 808’s just dont work on them, any evidence on this or is it just make believe?

The reason i am asking is because i liked what the podiums did for my fact 12’s and i have a change to get some that suit the 808’s l. But i don’t want to mess about trying to get them to work.

Also if the base fixing are the problem, how about just removing the base from the speakers and sitting the speakers then directly on the podiums, obviously thats if the base is then flat as the base looks just to be for the 4 fixings and a wider base especially at the rear for stability.

Cheers dunc

All I can add, is the Podiums worked really well for me under PMC Twenty5 26 speakers, when I had them. However, for me, under ATC SCM40A speakers, when I had them, not so great. :frowning:

There was a pic in the Pics ‘From the Listening Position’ Thread earlier with a pair of 808’s on Track Audio spikes.

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This was a response that I got from Kudos in relation to using podiums.

“ Thank you for your enquiry.

There are so many aftermarket vibration solutions on the market that it’s almost impossible to keep up and some with some extraordinary claims.
At Kudos we work very hard to design our loudspeakers to work as a stand alone product out of the box and In the Titan range the plinth / spike arrangement is a tri-laminate designed to dissipate energy in a controlled manner / rate, likewise the side panels on the Titan range are designed to control the flow of energy around the cabinet at critical points, this in turn avoids the storage of energy within the cabinet and it’s ill affects.

Aftermarket vibration solutions have there place and can be very useful, but care needs to be taken to ensure you are solving a problem and what you hear is an improvement and not just a change.

I hope this is helpful.


Kudos Audio”



Hi Dunc,
I don’t have 808’s but I run the T88’s on podiums and have done for about 4 years, the design principle is the same so I can’t see why they shouldn’t work as you expect.
In my case, I removed the spikes and replaced with oak cones stuck with double sided adhesive tape, this was on a recommendation from another user whom I trusted.I confess I haven’t done A/B tests with or without cones as the podiums gave such an uplift to the T88’s, all of which I and others have documented here, and to which you found with the Facts.

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Cheers for the replies guys.
As said, i can’t be asked to mess about with these with oak cones or whatever, so at the moment i don’t think i will bother.
As i am not sure if i even need them but at the same time you don’t know till you try.
But i don’t fancy buying them, messing around only to find no difference.
It also looks like titan went to some trouble designing the 808’s to already manage vibrations that i didn’t know about, so maybe any gains would be very small or non existent


That’s interesting, they work a treat under my ATC40A’s, much better than the Giai’s.

There was a set for sale on PFM so worth a punt (not mine!)


Sorry move that tv over and the picture…then it would be awesome…love the speakers!

It’s not my picture, taken from another thread.

Hi Dunc,
You will definitely hear a difference and it won’t be subtle or hard to discern.

Will you prefer music with the Podiums? Only you can decide, as it depends on your ears and the construction of your room’s floor.

Best regards, BF

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Woops…phew my chi is saved…

I have podiums under my 808s. I kept the spikes on, and located them on Naim chips which sat on the podiums. The 808s sound great to me. The music just seems natural.
Dunc I think Townshend will let you buy a set with the proviso that if you aren’t happy with them they will refund you. Just give them a ring and talk to John.

I had a low frequency with the fact 12’s that would rattle the cabinet by one of the speakers, this didn’t change with being on podiums, but with the 808’s no such problem at all.
Maybe i am chasing a problem i dont have with my floor, as the floor is made up of. Earth. Concrete, screed, and finally 25mm solid oak glued to screed. No gaps at all to worry about.

As said i don’t want to put things between the speaker and podiums as i am sure after reading lots about them over the years, that the recommendation if for base of speakers directly on the podiums, remove spikes or whatever.
I was thinking about removing the base plate to get over the problem, but it now seems they are more than just a base plate and help in reducing vibration and dispensing energy

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I have 808s on Podiums and love it.
But its more a wuestion of the floor underneath I think. Mine is a trusted 125y old 4cm thick oak floor … but wood on wood on wood.
If windows are open on a rainy day the Titans will rattle on their Spike bases. Plus: I had some nasty modes which I thought came from room dimensions, in fact most of it was structure borne sound. The Podiums address this in a way you have to hear to believe it.
Dont know whats the outcome on different floors where this affect does not occur?

Now my 808 sit without their spikes direct on the podiums I should add

Well i have decided to pass on the ones for sale, as i don’t really think i have a problem to address once i really start to think about it, as it sounds fantastic as it is, so why go looking.


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