Titan range update

Any guesses as to when Kudos might refresh the Titan range of speakers?
I believe the current Titans debuted in 2015.
The T88 was introduced in 2011.

Other than cabinet materials hope they don’t change a thing. Kudos seem to have hit a sweet spot re room performance and sound with the Titan range. Companies change ranges sometimes due to tried and tested components being discontinued. I understand that Kudos even ensured continuity of the Titans internal wiring by getting this re manufactured when a supplier changed the spec of the cables it was supplying.

Have to admit may be biased as I have 606’s

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They’re refreshing the prices shortly. Does that count ?

Afraid I’m not part of the Titan club (yet), but I have the C10 which I believe has remained pretty much unchanged since 2007 other than a recent change to KS-1 cable used internally. Someone with more knowledge may correct me though! Somewhat reassuring I think when a product remains unchanged for a long period…

I doubt that in the current climate there is going to be anything new for a while.

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