TNT - Naim factory visit (2003)

Found this last night casually on the web:

Are you Mr. Dane in the first pic?


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Definitely Richard on the left, looks like he forgot he had his pyjama top still on😁

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Also in the fifth pic (recognized by the pyjama …) :joy:

Crikey, that takes me back. Not sure I still have that “pyjama top” any more though…

I do recall that I really enjoyed spending the day showing David around the factory and talking about all the little things that are done throughout the production chain that add up to make the end product a Naim.

An interesting article, thanks for sharing this.

snaic shaker :grin:

whats with the 180 times shake ?

nice article…though…


Hoping to visit Naim HQ in August (are you reading this Dan Poulton :grinning:) when we travel “up north” to relive our youth years spent in England in the late 70’s early 80’s, didn’t own any Naim back then, although i remember buying an Akai mini system for our flat from one of the many Hifi shops on Tottenham Court Road, probably chose the Akai after reading one of the many Hifi mag’s recommendations.
Good times were had :grinning::grinning::grinning:


You will have a wonderful day. When some forum members visited last year it was great to meet and discuss Hifi and music with the Naim staff.

Love seing the old pictures, I did work in Pompey for a year (longtime ago) and regret never making the trip to Naim.

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