To Turn Off Your Router, Switch etc, or not

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A simple,.but perhaps important question for @Simon-in-Suffolk @ChrisSU or any other IT-expert here.

:large_blue_diamond: Should you switch off your…
• Router
• Switch
• Streamer
… etc when you connect and disconnect your ethernet-cable.?

Image for illustration:

If that would be the case it would be pretty challenging in server areas :smile: Never heard or read of that being an issue.

What made you think it is?



Asking this questions to get answers once and for all…
Everyone switches on and off with the device on,.but no one knows if it can cause problems in the long run or not.

Also take a USB-cable,.what applies to it.?
Many people today have a USB-cable between their Streamer and DAC,.
what should be done there,turn off the device or not.?

Plug n play :+1:

This is EE8 manual. Put in the DC power. Then put in whatever ethernet cable/device you like. No warnings or additional information.

ISP’s advise not to constantly power off as it logs the event as a line fault and that reduces line bandwidth (speed) to compensate for a period of no potential line faults.

Unplugging ethernet cable(s) does not harm the item being disconnected.
My only concern with constant ethernet cable in’s & out’s is the degradation of the electrical contacts & the plug and port click-lock mechanism.


But that isn’t helped by turning the switch and/or router off of course!

Anyway I agree. Don’t turn them on and off just because you are plugging or unplugging an Ethernet cable.

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Thanks for that reply @Mike-B ,.then I don’t have to turn off my streamer when I possibly unplug my ethernet cable.

:large_blue_diamond:Do you have any knowledge of what applies to a USB-cable between DAC and streamer…?

USB protocol include handshakes. No worries to put in out when a device is on.

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Hi @Peder … correct, my logic is that if it was advisable, then the various network device mnfts would advise us all to switch off.
Plus with switches they need to be powered on to ‘learn’ the connections as they are added.
With USB, I would read the manual to see if they advise on this, but generally its OK to plug/unplug a live USB.
But as I said in my 1st post, constant cable plug in’s & out’s is the degradation, it will eventually wear out a contact or break something

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I’m flattered, but I think it’s Simon you want if you’re looking for an expert!

Having said that, my understanding is that Ethernet cables are ‘hot swappable’ and nothing needs to be powered down. I certainly never bother to power down a switch in any situation including connecting or disconnecting Ethernet cables, and I can’t see why the LAN ports on a router would be any different.

USB cables I would also treat as hot swappable as long I’m sure there is no critical data transfer such as a backup in progress or a drive that needs a proper shutdown procedure, especially if the USB is supplying power.


Just leave stuff on and plug in.

The answer is no. They are specifically designed to be hot pluggable when using switch ports.


Thanks to everyone who replied in the thread,.it’s much appreciated.

Although you can take certain things for granted,.I always want to know, so I do the right thing and don’t harm anything in the long run.
Thank you all so much for your responses…


I’m surprised you haven’t looked into whether order of switching everything on and order of connecting ethernet cables affects sound quality… :grin: (Tongue firmly in cheek.)

Somebody’s OCD has just kicked in…:wink:

Hi :smiley:

Trust me,.I’ve checked everything,even if some outlet sounds better in the router…which it does :grin:.

But I’m not a technical data person,.so I’m happy to take simple, perhaps obvious questions and ask other knowledgeable people about them.