Today is the day for hi-res Tidal

Neither apps are streaming the music. The streamer is. The apps are just telling it what files to play.

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First impression. I use the BubbleUPnP app to stream highres files to my 272. Although I hear some clear differences now against the Naim app 44/16 flac files, i.e tighter sound and a slightly better definition, the Naim app provides a sort of layer giving the music a typical flow.
Edit: the Naim app gives an more involving and richer sound.

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Some responded me that in past threads, however, there’s a difference in sound when using different apps. It’s a fact. At least for my ears.
I tried both apps during 2 weeks, streaming from my Melco router.
The Mconnect sounded a touch cleaner but leaner. The Naim app gave more meat on the bones. It was not in my brain or imagination.

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Just downloaded the “mconnectLite’ application on my iPhone to get access to Tidal Max via UPNP. Definitely a step in quality from the standard Hi-Fi playback in terms of definition and detail as a workaround until we get Tidal Connect or built in native Naim App support. As Naim Nova user since the first unit came out nearly 7 years ago, I am well used to Naim being slow on software releases now. So not surprised this taking a while as infuriating as it is.

BTW I find it interesting that no Naim employee response to any of the threads on Tiidal Max on this forum unlike previous software updates. What happened to Claire providing updates on earlier software releases? Be good if Naim can provide an official statement to stop all the speculation….


It’s not impossible that’s there’s a difference. I guess Naim could reserve some extra processing for streams controlled by its own app.

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But with the Naim app you’re not comparing like with like until you can play hi res Tidal through it.

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I believe you are right with Chromecast and Tidal connect. But when you use AirPlay or UPNP it’s the source device that streaming the file, not the streamer itself. Thats why Mconnect using UPNP is able to play Tidal Max. Whereas the native playback for the Naim Application or Tidal Connect at the moment can only play Tidal HiFi. Why we all need Naim to support one or both asap.


And it fixed it for me too Iain, thank you very much

Some report also that Roon sounds different than the Naim app.

Nice to see it finally. Already integrated into Innuos Sense app so it just appeared. The colour changes on the Chord DAC suggest all is well. Would be nice of we could final;y see Spotify up their game next.

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« Definitely a step in quality from the standard Hi-Fi playback in terms of definition and detail »

Could you compare Tidal Hires using Mconnect vs Tidal hifi using the Naim app?

Roon can process the audio though.

In theory, the Naim app cannot, neither can the other UPnP/DNLA apps.

I still can’t rule out that Naim are leaving something special in the box exclusively for streams managed by the Naim app - I think it’s highly unlikely - but it is possible. However as pointed out it’s currently limited quality-wise so we can’t really compare apples right now.

Honestly, I do not believe that with my 272 I will ever going to listen to highres files trough the Naim app using Tidal (instead of using UPnP).

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As a direct comparison of using mconnect with UPnP and Tidal Hi Res with Tidal Connect HiRes and Naim App with Tidal HiRes, I personally preferred using the Naim Application. Just sounded slightly warmer, but could have been my wishful thinking as I want Tidal MAX to work this way instead of mconnect workaround!

But for sure I will keep using Connect with Tidal Max until Naim and Tidal do the necessary updates as this is a step up. Levels of detail so much better with more depth to tracks.

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A refreshing view. There’s been a lot of finger pointing at naim for being lazy/behind the curve. My belief is that naim will be working on this as fast as they can, and if it’s not ready yet, there will be a good reason for it.

Anyway, whatever the reason for the delay, I’m very much looking forward to it :+1:t3: I do love a free upgrade!

Are you sure Connect is sending Max? On my NDX2 if I try it, it reverts to High. I can only play Max files using mconnectLite.

The reason this “fix” works is that there are bugs in the naim gen1 software/TCP stack.

When we had a 272 it would drop off the network/app rarely and intermittently (yes, everyone blames your home network blah blah, but our home network was solid AF).

I had wireshark traces showing a 272 failing to respond to discovery until the HTTP site on the device was accessed THEN it would respond to discovery. Basically a bug in the device network stack. Lost interest when we moved on.

Firing up the 272 to send outbound traffic also unblocked the stack. SU is basically the same device network wise it seems.

There are various recent posts where vTuner being down blocks up a gen1 device such that it won’t play Tidal or Spotify until after a timeout has expired. Similar firmware or network stack bugs.


Tidal Connect on naim will downgrade to 16bit/44.1kHz.

So not Hi Res.

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Audirvāna and Qobuz for me. Best SQ and simple app to use. Mac mini, upnp.

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Hi, not sure if my original post was confusing. Sorry if it was. Exactly as you describe I can only play Tidal Max using mconnect. In my original post, I tried to show the screenshot of mconnect with Tidal Max and at the sametime the the screenshot of the Naim App showing whats being received on my Nova. Tidal connect and within the Naim app its Tidal high only.