Today is the day for hi-res Tidal


Looks like today is also the day to download Mconnect and stream @ 24-bit from Tidal. Will give it a go and report back…


so… That was relativly painless.

I just downloaded Mconnect to my iPhone and let it discover local devices via wifi on my network. It found my Uniti Star via Upnp straight away. Then you need to log into Tidal via the Mconnect app.

Playback is now between the iPhone and the Uniti using Upnp rather than Streaming with Tidal Connect over the internet.

Sound quality is noticeably better.

It would have been nice if Naim could have released new firmware in time but this workaround with Mconnect seems to be a good compromise.


Listening to hi-res Tidal now on my 272 (via bubbleupnp).


Not having the same success unfortunately, mconnect app isn’t finding my SuperUniti

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Do you have a NAS? If so, try with bubble upnp server and see if that helps. If you have an Android device try Bubble UPnP player


Thanks very much for your reply, unfortunately I don’t have a NAS and we’re all Apple now

There is a Mac version of bubble server available

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Thanks very much, I’ll give it a go

Listening on my NSS 333 via UPnP

Do you use the Lite or the paid version of Mconnect? In the Lite version it stops playing after one song of my playlist.

Interesting. Is it just 24 bit compatible now? I started using it a few weeks ago. Thanks!

Uniti Star

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I’ve just signed up to Tidal expecting to be able to play hi Res music on my Atom, I gather from this thread, that’s not possible?

Not (yet) via Tidal connect or via the Naim app.

“Today is the day for hi-res Tidal”

Unfortunately, not for Naim users. I do not want to hear about “workarounds”. For the price Naim gear sells for, a workaround should not be required.


The day for hi-res Tidal has been since autumn 2023. But not native on Naim and still isn’t. Many workarounds available though. Roon, Audirvana or streamers/bridge hardware etc.

Well I’m a Naim user and I and many others can stream hi res Tidal using workarounds that are trivial and free of charge. When Naim release a firmware update, great, but until then I’m happy to use workarounds. In fact I’m happy that Naim are taking their time rather than rush a buggy product to market.


Playing hires using Mconnect is not forcefully better than playing 16/44 using the Naim app. You could try to compare. Maybe the former will sound better, but not sure.
I compared the Naim app vs Mconnect to stream my local hires files.
I found the Naim app better sounding.


I’ve seen this only once with SuperUniti.

Try starting internet radio on SU then scan with mconnect, that fixed it for me.

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