Today's Google animation

Nice tribute to BB King :slight_smile:

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Yes, except they show the tonearm coming down on his record so that the needle is pushing/digging into the grooves against the intended direction of travel - ouch!

i saw him 3 times in concert. Always a pleasure.

I saw him once.
I think it was in autumn 1992.
Me and my then girlfriend went thru Memphis by car managed to get the doorman of BBKings club to sell us tickets for BB s birthday party.

BB played guitar in the small club and I had a lot of Jack Daniels with Albert King at the bar.

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you were drinking with Albert King, the famous bluesman?
I had the chance to speak 2 minutes with Herbie Hancock in Nice festival. And also help Art Blakey to walk, he was drunk. It was at the end of the 80’s.

Yes, I spoke with him and bought him a drink, IIRC.
And he died a couple of months later.
I have a vague memory that he told me he was BB King’s brother.
But I only recently found out that BB always said that Albert was not a relative of his - except as a highly esteemed fellow musician.

so perhaps not the true Albert King? or brother was just an expression…

I think it really was the true Albert King.
Although I was very drunk that night, and didn’t know at that time much about blues (nor at this time to be honest)
It was definitely the real BB King playing the guitar that night in his bar.

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Bit of a grave-dig guys?

Yup, it’s an oldie, and never did really take off as a post.
I just stumbled into it this morning and felt sorry for it, so pinged you a belated reply.

BTW, have you ever tried this Google Doodle?

It’s flipping brilliant!

It literally allows you to play at being the DJ at Cool Herc’s party in New york back on the night when they invented breakdancing and rapping…

just do it - it’s properly fun

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