Todays the day!

This afternoon, I’ll hook up my new-to me NAC282 and NAC 250 to my Zen Streamer and OPPO CDP.

My Supernait 3 will be miffed but sure I can use it somewhere else…

Wish me luck it can’t go wrong?


you’ll need a hicap! otherwise it will go wrong. 282 is a beast


Enjoy :blush:

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I have a 282. Over time, I’ve added two HICAP DR’s (having taken an inadvisable and disappointing detour via Tel Aviv) and a NAPSC.

I advise you go the same upgrade path (without the fluffy toy waste of money) to get the best out of the unit.

Happy days.


NAC82 with 2 HiCaps here…!

Love it… :grinning:

Thats my plan. The 282 came with a TA psu so very short term that will have to do but my feelers are out for a nice boxed HICAP DR…

As others mentioned you need a Hicap or Supercap power supply for preamp,(along with a Napsc) otherwise no sound.

Next are sources.

NAC 282 with 2x HiCap DR’s through a NAP 300 here.
Simply fabulous sound☺️

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In the meantime you can use the SN3 to power the 282, that’s what I initially did, prior to purchasing the NAP250 (Olive), I went first for an 82, which was powered by my SN2. I couldn’t believe how massive was the difference with a separate pre amp. Quickly after that I bought the power amp and the HiCap (all olive, all recently serviced). As good as the Supernait (2/3) is, it simply cannot be compared to a pre-power combo.


Aim for a SC, enjoy the music.

Up and running and sounds lovely, only issue is that the NAC remote isn’t working.

Powerline will be added to NAP250 once Ive got accustomed to the sound.

Has anyone any troubleshooting tips for a remote that doesn’t work (battery check etc is a given) ta

Make sure you press Pre first

I hate that stuff.

"It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work! IT’S NOT BLOODY WORKING!!! REALLY?! REALLY?! I MEAN, HONESTLY, REAL…


(Closed eyes red face embarrassed expression glad no-one else is on the room relief). :exploding_head::joy:

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Twice recently I’ve had that moment where you either have somebody visiting or on the phone to help you with the problem and the problem either disappears or doesn’t occur while the expert help is available (luckily neither of these incidents involved my hifi).