Tom Evans Mastergroove

I want to know if any enthusiast has bought or demoed a Tom Evans Mastergroove and what their experience is as compared to any other phonostage or as an upgrade from the Groove. I want to buy one and the amps that I use are the 552DR/500DR.

Calling @Dan_M

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Calling @AHT . The WHEST audio phono are also interesting to take into consideration, as an upgrade vs Superline / Supercap and Naim.

I really think that people should take a very very serious look at Michael Fidler’s phono stages.
Yes, it might seem silly that a £650 phono stage could be better than one costing £16,000+. But from what i am hearing at the moment with an Orbe front end, tells me that Mr Fidler may well just blow all these expensive phono stages out of the water.

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Hi Stephen

I have an interesting version of the Mastergroove which replaced a Groove + SRX, which I think replaced a Microgroove way back in the day. Mine sits (rather, will sit) between an LP12 and 552DR/500DR.

Whilst I can tell you that I noticed a considerable improvement when I replaced the Groove I can only be sketchy because a house move and all that entails has intervened. I eventually moved at the end of January but have yet to get the record player etc up and running. Imminent but not yet.

You may find the images of mine interesting - Tom Evans advised me that he made it for a very good friend of his, no longer with us; and it is unique insofar as the casing is clear acrylic, not the usual black. I sent it back to Tom who upgraded it to the latest top spec offered and I am really looking forward to getting everything back up and running.

One aspect which caught me off guard is that the power supply looked the same to me in photos as that used with the Groove. When I collected it I realised it is much larger and I don’t think it fits on a standard Fraim shelf - I think a medium shelf works okay (I used tall legs which all looked a bit ungainly).

Lots of words and not much technical help with your question. I didn’t test against other top phonos - too lazy for that and not sure who would be able to offer such an audition opportunity. If you like Tom Evans phonos, I doubt you can go wrong with the Mastergroove particularly if you have a decent spec’d record player.



So I bought a used The Groove+ with SRX power supply. I believe they cost £5k new with most up to date version. So it was on ebay for £1650. I got it for £1350. It has completely transformed my LP12 with new cart and Ekos tonearm. I thought I would need a Radikal but it sounds so good with Lingo 1 that I am happy to leave it for now.

The Mastergroove is a beast. A huge unit. No doubt it will sound great. But could the version below, similar to mine used be a good buy?

I am more than happy with my phonostage. Bought blind but very happy with it.

I have 52 Supercap 2, 500DR amplification with Focal Sopra 2s.

LP12 is Kore, Karousel, Ekos 2, Trampolin 2, T Kable, Dynavector XX2 MkII, Lingo 1. And of course Tom Evans The Groove + SRX power supply.

Hope this helps.


@frenchrooster Sorry, I have no experience with either Tom Evans or Whest. I was looking around at various phono stages a while back, but didn’t take any action.

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What turntable are you using Stephen?

Sorry, it was not you, but someone we didn’t saw since a long time: @916SPS
He has an impressive system, with a Statement and top Whest phono.
Maybe he will respond.

Hi FR I’ve moved to the west coast of UK so been busy doing house renovations, design and planning for a new music room hence not being on the forum for a while!

Hi Stephen I have a Whest Titan Pro that has been upgraded to the new version by James @ Whest. All I can say is it’s one of the best upgrades I’ve done on the Vinyl side of my kit. The detail, drive & musicality is superb. When I first plugged it in it was like listening to albums, that I’ve heard many times, for the first time. The only reason to change it will be when James has finished designing his Statement phonostage.

If you can get a demo of the Titan Pro II you really should it’ll be sublime with your 500 series

ATB Pete


I had a Mk1 Mastergroove, I would say it was a small improvement over the S/line S/cap DR, they both have their strengths and do things slightly differently
I had it upgraded to a full SR, the performance of this is leaps ahead
Probably worth bearing in mind, no matter how good the pre is, it can’t make up for anything lost at the phono amp stage


Hi Dan
It’s the Roksan TMS1 which was upgraded to TMS3 specs a few years ago. The arm is the SME V series with the dynaevector XX2 cartridge.