Tomtom audio do they have webpage issues?

I sent a mail to Tomtom a few days back, but have not heard back from them. I follow the second hand pages for Naim equipment, but since yesterday not all of there pages loads as expected, so I wonder if they have website issues?

Hello Claus, looks like they are having some issues to me. Their SSL certificate is invalid (probably their previous one expired) - this is usually a configuration issue.

I gave up with their Web site a while back. Trying to get to the pre owned page required more button pressing than it should. And then there were no prices.

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Their pre owned page definitely has prices. Not for all the kit, but most of it. I’m a regular visitor to their price lists at least X)

Didn’t find their website unusually hard to navigate to be honest, much worse out there!

When I was last able to see the second hand pages there were prices on most items, but not the equipment I am interested in.

For some reason the CB/olive section doesn’t have prices. The 500 series gear is often POA which seems reasonable to me.

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They were fit and well on Wednesday when I was last there. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit that X)

Website is playing up for me today as well.

If I look on my phone/tablet I have to turn it on it’s side (landscape) then prices etc ‘comes into view’.
I picked & ordered something from there/them this week - it was no longer available (but got a bargain alternative): email/phone to check anything you’re interested in is still in stock :blush:

It’s what I usually end up doing, telephoning them. Bit 1980s though.
I tend to access their Web page via phone or ipad. That may be the issue.

Their used equipment lists suddenly won’t appear for me either. Annoying, as I like to look through their great list of stock.

St. Albans… you DO have a problem… :thinking:

PreLoved page will not load - error msg.

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Pre loved page and prices back up there now!

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Unfortunately buying second hand in Uk makes no sense not if you live in Denmark, since you have to add vat to the price, so back to the very small EU market for the new streamers.

Yes, a very disappointing state of affairs :confused:

Very old website design and pricing above s/h market hence a lot of legacy streamers sticking ther e.

Any dealer has to price second hand goods above the private market price because they have to add 20% VAT and they also have to provide a warranty of some sorts. And make a small profit too of course!




I’ve emailed them twice and got absolutely no reply … I ended up going elsewhere

Similar experience with them since the start of this year. OK if you phone them. But emailing about an enquiry was harder than I expected.

I’ve just spoken with James at Tom Tom. He apologises for the web issues. They’ve now changed provider and everything seems to be back up and working OK. Any other issues, give them a ring.