Tonar tacky rollng record cleaner vs nagaoka cl-1000

Hi everyone I am thinking of investing in one of these products. 1 are they any good, 2 is it worth paying extra for nagaoka any information would be appreciated ty nigel.

I bought the Nagaoka roller cleaner about 35 years ago. It was the RC-200 model (and I think I should still have it somewhere in a box of cast-off hifi accessories. I hardly ever get rid of these things!).


It sort of worked (ish). For a short while. It wasn’t that great. And then it didn’t work at all. And in spite of cleaning it scrupulously as per the instructions, it lost all tackiness completely.

It’s an interesting curio, but you’d be much better off saving your money for something else, or towards a proper RCM.

Cheers for info richard

I bought the Tonar- initially fairly impressive, but now, as per Richard, it sits in the box with all the other unused toys.

I used to have the paper tear-off roller (can’t remember the make); as it used a new surface every few discs it lasted longer…but is long gone. I dont miss it!

Thanks stevie

That paper tear off jobbie was probably a Pixall. Funnily enough I have one too, now languishing in the same box as the Nagaoka…


Pixel, yep that was it :smiley:

Lasted longer in use than the sticky Tonar, as I recall. Then…I bought a Zero Stat, which I still have :slight_smile: but only sometimes use :woozy_face:

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