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I am thinking about upgrading my tonearm cable from my SMEV with Ortofon Cadenza Black to my Whest discrete 2.2.

I cannot audition all of those I am thinking of at the same time.

So I am interested to know if anybody has used any of the following in a Naim system. My amp is SN3.
I know everybodies systems, ears and rooms are different, however it would be away of reducing the list.

Tellurium Q Statement.
Black Rohdium Cantata S.
Audioquest WEL.
Chord Sarum T.

Thank you.

If I understand well, you are prepared to pay for a 2k tonearm cable , half the price of your SN3 ?
We are in the pure and absolute source first category.


I can’t imagine it’s an easy thing to test, especially if the arm base is hard to get at and/or the lead is attached to the plinth with a p clip or some such. Then there is the need to find a really well run in example to try. It seems an awful lot of money to spend on something risky, and you’d think that an excellent arm like the SME would have a similarly excellent cable. But maybe not!

My Rega has wires that I understand run continuously from the cartridge tags all the way to the phono plugs, which seems a jolly good idea to me. One fewer thing to worry about.

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I know of someone on another forum who upgraded his arm cable to a Sarum on his Linn who was very pleased with the outcome. But I’m minded towards @hungryhalibut’s thinking that this is something of a gamble surely, at least without a demo?

I had the SME 20/2 with SME V. The cable was the Van den Hull silver hybrid, for around 400 euros. Then much later I bought the Chord signature tuned array tonearm cable, at 3 times the price. It was a bit better, but not so much.
If I had 2k to invest, and an SN3, I would buy instead a 282/200 and sell the SN3. The upgrade would be much more effective, specially with such good source as Gyrodeck/ SME V/ Whest phono and Ortofon Cadenza black.

While it wasn’t in the context of a Naim system the best tonearm cable I have used was the XLO Signature. If I were in the market for a new one it or one of the RSX (same designer) would be at the top of my list.

Hi @frenchrooster

I do not have room for a two box amp.
Also I cannot create room.
So maxing source into SN3.
Kind Regards

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Hi @hungryhalibut

It is not the cable within the arm, it is the cable the plugs into the back of my TT and the runs to the phonostage that I am considering changing.
Kind regards

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