Tonight’s boxing

Well AJ can have little grumbles and I wonder if he has fractured the eye socket. That was a beating that was handed out and he was lucky it wasn’t a fifteen rounder.

The shameful bout was the Campbell Hatton fight , where the referee must have been on a different planet to everybody else.

So one blatant home town decision, one mismatch, one champion dethroned.

And Katie Taylor’s last match stuck away on the internet.

Oh well. If he retires now, at least he’ll have plenty of time to get himself in the kitchen and learn how to cook. :roll_eyes:

And buy a decent set of headphones.


Caught it on the radio from about the 5th round. Sounds as though he was comprehensively beaten with Oleksandr 2-3 rounds ahead as the fight went on, and the judges scoring was pretty consistent.

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He was well and truly beaten, when it came to the announcement he had to be reminded to stand up.

The eye looked horrific and the doctor was concerned .


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