Tony Hancock

It is the centenary of Tony Hancock’s birth. I can still remember in 1961 the children in the school play ground saying “it’s very nearly an armful” the day after the Blood Donor was broadcast. BBC 4 played 4 Hancock episodes tonight.


Me too.
Blood Donor is a favourite. I have the LP somewhere, coupled with The Radio Ham My brother bought it for me in 1969 - I was shamefully ungrateful to him on unwrapping it because I thought he’d bought me a Grateful Dead record I’d been raving on about at the time. Lol. Kids!

I have the record transferred to cassette as I don’t have a record player anymore. When Hancock recorded the Blood Donor he had just had a bad car accident and had to use idiot boards. The LP is slightly longer and he is at the absolute top of his form.