Too much time spent on eBay

I am currently signed off work and have spent far too much time on eBay, to the detriment of the bank account!

So, imminently arriving are:

A ReVox B215 cassette deck:

I decided to go for the ReVox because of ReVox’s reputation for long-term reliability and sound quality (I have a B77 reel to reel deck). My Nak Dragon is currently in the local hi-fi hospital for a problem that has arisen since its last service with Bowers & Wilkins.

A Nakamichi 480z cassette deck (recently serviced), which will be part of the bedroom system along with a recently acquired Cyrus 8 vs2 amp (for which a PSX-R is on the way) and a Yamaha CDR-HD1500 (I have just upgraded the 250Gb HDD it came with to a 400Gb one):

And a pair of Castle Winchester speakers, which are bit like hens’ teeth on the pre-owned market:

These will replace the Howard S2s as the speakers driven by the Supernait 3; the Howards will then chat to the Marantz 2275 receiver, currently driving Castle Inversion 15s, which will move into my bedroom (I am currently listening to that system on headphones).


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