Top Interface lock?

I found this below in a Naim Magazine online article whilst aimlessly surfing this evening. Does this still exist as I can’t find it in the app? Would be really useful.

  1. Top Interface Lock

Have you ever found yourself changing settings by accident on your touch interface while trying to keep it dust and fingerprint free? Worry not, there is a setting in the app that locks the touch interface to enable frustration free cleaning! Go to Settings >> Other settings >> and touch the grey circle for Cleaning Mode. When finished, touch it again to release.

It’s here, but only on the original mu-so and Qb.

So not on the 2nd gen devices? Guess I’ll have to keep on unplugging to clean them then.

You shouldn’t need to turn it off in order to give it a quick dust. We’ve had no problems with ours. If dusting turns it on, just turn it off again.

I’ve learnt to dust anticlockwise so as not to accidentally blow my ears off but I turn off to polish off sticky fingerprints. I invariably need to reboot regularly for some glitch or other anyway … Love the sound - shame about the user experience.

The secret is to hold the volume knob with a finger of one hand while dusting with the other hand. That’s what we do anyway.

"There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse.

Quentin Crisp"


Naim said a while back that feedback from 1st gen users was that they didn’t use this feature, so they decided to drop it.

Really? I’ve always wondered why it wasn’t on the Gen2’s……I do use it on my first Mu-so and would do if it was on the newer ones – as already said, it’s more for when you really want to wipe off marks on the glass….Strange feature to identify to drop from the App though, can’t imagine it takes up much resource…:roll_eyes:

I like the Anti-clockwise dusty tip though….I’m sure we’ve all done the accidental volume spin…!


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