Totem Arros - plinth

Hey all, I have a set of Totem Arros which I bought used.

The Arros have a plinth kind of base - which is supposed to be stuck to the speaker.

The plinths I received already had some kind of yellow tack on them so I simply pressed the speakers onto the plinth and they seemed to have stuck fine.

Now after a year or so, I am trying to remove these plinths. But they are not coming off :slight_smile:

I tried blowing some hot air from a hair dryer for a few minutes - but that didn’t help either.

Any suggestions?

Appreciate the feedback.

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There is a Totem user group on FB. You could join and you might get your answer there. The owner of Totem, Vince, is a member of the group.

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As a matter of interest, what are you using with the Arros for amplification?

Initially used unitiqute - but sound was lifeless. then dac v1/nap100 - it was better. currently using simaudio neo ace.

thanks. let me check that.

The manual suggests twisting rather than pulling. But after a couple of years that might be optimistic…

I think the previous owner used wood glue - which is light yellow in colour - not the provided adhesive.

But when i got it only the plinths had the glue and the speaker bottom was unmarked.

So likely the original owner knew how to use/remove the glue.

But twisting than pulling apparently is valid advice for this kind of stuff - from what I read on the net.

Why can’t you just leave the plinths in place?

Cannot leave the plinths in place as I cannot pack it in its original box.

Original packing requires the speakers and plinths to be packed separately.

tried using a hair dryer - but the glue would not melt though areas around that spot in the speaker grew really hot.

next apple cider vinegar!!!

Thin blade knife? Cheese wire?

Same here…got them 2nd hand, and gave up trying to get one of the plinths off, I was afraid of causing damage. They currently sound great with my Supernait 2!

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I actually used the string that came with a kite which I bought for my son at a dollar shop. the string is very thin and surprisingly very strong. tied pencils on both ends (how like a garotte it was!) and tried to pull it thru the glue - but the glue is stronger!!!

How big is the gap between plinth and cabinet? I’m wondering if you could get a saw blade in there with some shim to protect the woodwork.

Stupid question, but have you tried ‘sawing’ with it instead of just pulling in one direction?

I’m mentally running through all the ‘stuff’ in the garage wondering what I would try…

Bicycle gear cable inner?
Solid core copper stripped out of house wiring?

(I don’t actually own a cheese wire. Or a garrotte…)

A chisel would do it.

A wire saw might be thin enough, and they are very cheap. Something like this:

Alternatively most Japanese style wood saws tend to have very thin blades that might fit. You would need to put a thin sheet if metal or something on the plinth to protect it from the teeth.

Try heating up a sharp paint scraper and gently push it in between in a rocking motion. Go easy though!

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