TQ Black diamond DIN cable

Tellurium Q has a new DIN cable available; the Black Diamond. It is priced a little less than the Hi-Line.
Has anyone tried it? If so, what do you think?

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I have it’s predecessor, TQ graphite which sounds to me the same as hiline it replaced but a whole lot easier to use… just fit n forget

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Thanks for the reply. I spoke to a salesman today who sells both Naim and TQ. In his opinion and according to his ears, the TQ Black DIN is a match for the Hiline; but like you say, much easier to use.
The TQ Black Diamond DIN is superior to the Hi line in his opinion, and a bit cheaper as well. I might very well try it. I’ll report back when I do.

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I found this and used it happily between NDX2/252.


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I found out TQ can build on special order a Silver Diamond DIN interconnect. I ordered one! I should have it sometime in the next month or two.

I will report back once I have listened to it.

I’m interested to compare Hi-Line, TQ black diamond and Witch Hat Morgana. I currently have TQ black diamond DIN-DIN

I will be comparing the TQ Silver Diamond to my Yter RCA cable. It is a very good RCA cable, but I expect the TQ to better it.

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I am still waiting for my TQ Silver Diamond DIN. I will report back when I get it.

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Anyone else try out one of the Tellurium Q DIN cables? I should be getting my Silver Diamond in January if all goes well.

I wonder how much the Silver Diamond costs - it sounds expensive. The Black Diamond is £890 so the Silver must be more. I’ve got @GraemeH’s Black din to din between my NDX2 and SN3 and it seems very good. I then bought another, also from a Forum member, so go between my Naim tuner and the SN3.

Here is an order of price here in Canada:

TQ Black DIN 585$
TQ Black Diamond DIN 1335$
Naim Hiline 1500$
TQ Silver Diamond DIN 1650$.

So the Silver diamond is just a little more than a Hiline. The Silver Diamond DIN is not on the TQ website, but can be made by special order.

Strange. The Black costs £390 in the UK, about half the cost of a Hiline.

It’s an excellent cable. Nicely balanced across the frequency spectrum, transparent and without the handling fragility of the HiLine.


Indeed Graeme, your old one is being used here right now. I was simply a bit surprised by the price difference between the UK and Canada. It works out about £250 in Canada, which is odd given they are a UK company. You’d expect it to cost a lot more there, just like the Hiline.

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I re read my dealer’s e-mail with the prices. I made a mistake in my initial post (which I have edited). The TQ Black DIN is 585$ (not 400$).
585$ makes more sense with the UK price of 390.

I received my TQ Silver Diamond DIN today! My impressions to come later.


First impressions are excellent! The TQ SD DIN is already sounding better than my YTER RCA cable, and it isn’t even burned in yet.
The music is clearer and is better defined. So far, everything is better and there are no trade offs. The YTER RCA is already an excellent cable, but the TQ SD DIN surpasses it. I’m really happy!

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Hi @DanielH,
in order to have a full picture, what are the other cables of your system?


I have a Powerline on both the NDX2 and the Supernait 2. I have Tellurium Q Ultra Black speaker cables and TQ Black Diamond speaker jumpers.

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I have had the TQ Silver Diamond DIN in the system for 2 days now. It continues to impress! The music is more present and more holographic. I think part of the improvement is the cable itself, and the other part is that DIN is really better than RCA.