Tracklist in Rovi booklet

Nearly every time I look at an album in Rovi through the app the track list is completely different from the CD I’ve ripped.
Just me, or have others noticed this?
Is it just wrong or referring to some wildly different version?

I’ve not had any problems till recently when ripping several box sets of Ultravox CD’s and like you say they are totally different - some weren’t even recognised and I’ve had to enter the info manually - hope it might be a glitch or perhaps someone’s been inputting incorrect info somewhere along the line.

I’ve noticed recently that most albums have the tracks listed in the wrong order on Rovi, even though it has identified the album correctly.
Simon, I assume Gavin is referring to the Rovi booklet that opens when browsing in the Naim app on a streamer’s server input. Slightly different from the online lookup used by a CD ripper.

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Ah yes - see what you mean - where do these booklists come from - I’ve found all sorts of incorrect info in these and quite a few have the wrong booklets entirely!

Yes, the Rovi booklets have always been a bit hit and miss! It searches an online database, so similar to what a CD ripper does when it adds the metadata to a rip file, but the info isn’t saved.

The trouble with technology is often the human that’s sorting the information and doing the programming - was a lot simpler in the old days
Wind handle and drop the needle

On the odd occasion that I looked at the booklet I honestly don’t recall ever seeing a match with the song list. Furthermore there were times the booklet album and artist was incorrect. So where the data comes from or is compared with I have no clue.
I also noticed a couple of times that the displayed song title was not what I expected or what I thought was in the metadata. Yesterday I was playing an album and each song was “track 1”, “track 2” etc. I run all my files through mp3tag software and am fairly sure that the metadata is correct and clean. So maybe there’s something fishy going on.
Whatever though, I am not inclined to worry about it so long as the music is not affected.

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As you say, the track listing doesn’t matter at all. I find the booklets a quick way to find a bit about the specific album and the artist’s wider catalogue (generally for random charity shop purchases that I’ve never heard of).

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