Tracks displaying alphabetically

Hello everyone. My first post!
I have a Unitiserve, NDX, 202, 250 etc. I’ve been using the Unitiserve/NDX for 4 years now with great results. I back all the music up to a QNAP NAS.
The Unitiserve is in for repairs and I’m using the NAS for streaming - the back up of my downloads and a few CD rips copied across form the Unitiserve backup.

My issue is all the tracks from the NAS are displaying alphabetically rather than in track order. This doesn’t happen with the CD rips I’ve copied across. I’ve checked the metadata - no problems. I’ve tried a few rips using dBpoweramp - same problem. I’m re-indexing the NAS at the moment to se if that resolves it.
Any thoughts appreciated.

Try touching the A-Z line on the Naim app screen & a pop up menu will appear, select ‘Server Order’ rather than ‘A-Z’ & that should fix it.

Thanks for the quick reply Mike.
I couldn’t find the A-Z line (I’m using the latest version of the IOS App).
However I cleared the cache and re-indexed the files on the NAS (even though they seemed OK) and that seems to have resolved the issue.

A-Z is in top right corner, you need to pull down the screen from the top to expose it, it might also differ depending on iPad/phone
But you’re fixed, it’s on the app default ‘Server Order’

Not the end of the world, as a couple of taps on my iPad screen sorts it, but it seems a little odd that, using Tidal within the Naim app, and having selected “Favourites” from the front screen, and in “Albums” > “Sort by artist”, it reverts to the default “sort by Date added” each time I open the app.

I’d have thought it might retain my choice of “Sort by artist”, once selected?

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