Tracks to test/show off your system

I listen to this to really exercise my system. The bass is thunderous and the effects display the imaging capabilities of my system. It is a great track to show off your system!

Please share music that you feel does the same.

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Almost any track - but Boadicea if I have to pick one.


Thanks! I have to check that one out.

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I think you will likely recognise it… :thinking:

Not by the Fugees…

I tend to let someone choose something they want to listen to from my collection. Mostly because most sensible people don’t give a flying figleaf about hi-fi, being more interested in hearing a song/album they like. For me, the main thing is they enjoy hearing something they know rather than showing off my system, which I think is a much better way to demonstrate hi-fi than choosing something that shows off a system. If I have a friend around who shares my weirdness and tendency to spend vast sums on hi-fi, I still let them choose something they know, realising they could be listening with more of a focus on the system. Playing a piece of music unknown to the person on an unknown system doesn’t really help in my experience as there is no reference to how it sounded before on a known system.

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This gets the juices on a nice simmer.


On the topic of Enya, Watermark contains some great sub-bass - try track 10 for the best examples.

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Love it DanielH. Please can you direct me to where I can purchase as I’m having trouble finding it?

Sorry, I don’t know where it can be purchased. I stream it on Tidal.

Edit: I see it is on sale on

Anything shouty by PJ Harvey. Almost unlistenable on a poor system.

Layers of bliss on a good setup.


Similarly any early Cocteau Twins, with so much treble energy.
On a lesser system this just sounds harsh and messy.

On a top flight system it’s crispy, sparkly and makes everything sound so fresh.


When a Blindman Cries (Deep Purple), The witch (Lab4), Mugumba State (Shpongle) and to test the “at the front of a live concert” feel, Ringer by Godflesh.

Oh yes, plus the other usual jazz, Krall, Brubeck type showcase stuff

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I usually slap a few fave albums on the LP12 after any kind of upgrade:

Best for being well-mixed and produced
First 2 B52 albums
Rip it Up - Orange Juice
Flag - Yello
Boat to Bolivia - Daintees

Best for challenging mixes
Stories from the city, stories from the sea - PJ Harvey
New Gold Dream - Simple Minds
Forever Now - Psychedelic Furs
Ultra - Depeche Mode (well-produced but bass and drums can be overwhelming)

Ah, yes, a good challenging mix. The last two tracks from the 1996 Mission: Impossible film (Zoom A and Zoom B) are my ones of choice. I once saw them referred to as ‘system torture tracks’!