Trading it all in -- what happened next

Did a home listen to the nsc222 and nc250 for three weeks (thanks to my friendly dealer). The dilemma i pondered was changing my current system, below (with ae509 speakers) for those two items.

In the end, it was easy. The new classic sound is different from the old classic sound. NC digs out amazing detail but is thinner/brighter in the mid-range, with less heft and warmth. Not a sound for me. Maybe adding the XPS takes it to the next level but not for another £6k. In the end, i upgraded to a nap250dr (preloved). Sounds awesome.


Can I ask how adding the 250dr altered the sound, planning to do the same swap just curious to hear the benefits the new power amp brought to your system.

Good result. You gave the trial a good length of time in your home and determined that the sound was not for you. I personally love the sound of the NC and I use the NPX300s with my 300 series.

However, I can confirm that an NPX300 will not change the sound of the NC enough for you.

Great decision and your comments confirm - ‘sounds awesome’. Enjoy!

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i would say it sharpens up the sound stage and gives a punchier sound… my nap200dr was a fair few yrs old, this preloved 250dr is 6yrs old but it kicks on, esp when you turn it up a little. worth doing imo

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I love my 282/300/NDX2 setup.
I hope you continue to enjoy your system with a 250DR just as much.
I added the XPS & 2nd HiCap and was really surprised by how much they improved the sound.
You have that to look forward to, if you get the chance😉
Happy Listening.


I was happy with adding a second HiCap DR to the 282. Some more meat to the bones.

I’m sure a Supercap DR is better, but for a modest cost (compared to what goes around) it was nice with a second HiCap DR. Also I already had the HiCap DR on my Superline, but switched it around and power the Superline from the 282 for now.

I’m quite happy with the dual HiCap setup.
The cost versus acoustic improvement is just not worth it for me, but YMMV😉


2 Hicaps vs a Supercap - age-old debate. No consensus to date!


Interesting observation b/c find the 250NC has much more heft and warmth with the benefit of more detail than the 250DR. That is with Ovators so maybe that’s the difference.

Replacing the XPS with the 555PS DR to the NDX2 was possibly/probably the most significant improvement I have made. If you are tempted by an xps…consider this as there are some deals out there.
Didn’t bond with the 282. But that’s a matter of taste I feel. For me it was a little fatiguing.

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