Transfer music from one melco to another

Hi guys
Just a quick question if i want to copy all the music from a melco N100 to a melco n1zs/2 would the quality be hurt in anyway?

No - you’re just copying files across so no quality loss.

Hey Dunc, you decided to buy the N1z ? I want to do the same in some months.

No but a mate has one and would like some of the music off it, as he has just jazz and classical
But asked the question on melco page and got told its fine and no loss as its digital form

I have tried to pinch it off him a few times and its one of the reasons i got one to front my NDS.
Yes i would have one but they are rather expensive being top of the range against my humble one lol, but then he does have a system costing over £150k nice

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Hi guys anyone give me a heads up on how to transfer from one to another, as the last thing i want to do is damage colins melco, as it spoil his holiday.
I guess its a usb to usb and not 100% sure which ports on both machines, any help would be much appreciated

If you’re happy connecting both Melcos to your home network then you’ll see them appear as network shares - you can then browse the music directory in your friends Melco you want to copy files from, select the files you want and copy them to your own Melco.

Worth having a read of the manual - see the section on importing files from a computer. You may want to check that your friend has regular backups from his Melco, just incase something goes wrong…

Yes the easiest way is over your own network you can just use a pc or mac to drag and drop from one to another.

That is what you do.

Create a sub-directory on the Melco for all your stuff - copy it into in over a network - navigate to that directory and play.
Then remove that directory when you return.


Thanks about to give it a go

Well guys i cant get this going, but so far i have managed to :-
Connect both to my internet
Apply the password to both
My mac laptop can now see both melco’s on the network.
I can open them and see the music files.

After that it all goes wrong and do with a stage by stage list of what to do please, if anyone knows and has the time to tell me.
I dont know if i need to do any setting changes to the laptop, but right now i am stuck, but atleast i havent deleted anything, so thats a bonus

Can’t you connect both by a usb cable and transfer like that ?

I dont thing so, but could be wrong

@Darkebear, can you transfer files from one Melco to another using an USB C cable. Is it possible ?

All I’ve done is connect my PC running Windows OS via a wired network it sits on all the time with the Melco.
The Melco is seen as a ‘NAS’ external computer with drive on the Windows PC - I select files and ‘copy and paste’ and they appear on the Melco, in the folder I create on the Melco for them, and can be played.
They can also be deleted from the Melco - or moved to another Melco - I’ve done that when I had two Melco here to home demo.

This is the easy way to do it.

…you do have to enable ‘External File Sharing’ option on the Melco - or it won’t work!
That option selection is accessed via Melco box front panel controls.
This is an option I have ‘on’ all the time as it sounds far better on rather than off - to be clear, with it set to ‘off’ I could not use the Melco and would not own one - that bad! Dramatic loss of low-level detail for some reason. It should be better ‘off’ but I strongly found the reverse was the case.
Fortunate as it allows easy management and file-management when required.


Dunc probably has not enabled that option. We will see tomorrow.

Do it french…
I heard it sound very good ,this was the reason I bought mine,the only reason for N10 and not N1zh was for a better price I received.

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Most of my music files i Play from Melco is on flac format…my question is converting everything to wav will sound better?..using dbpower batch convert is going to take me converting all a day+…i’m using Twonky media there is no option to transcode

I you bought some albums on Qobuz, you can download again some albums in wav and compare same with flac.
Personally I don’t hear differences

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