Transfer of downloaded hi res files

Hi everyone,
I have just bought a uniti star. I have ripped a few cd’s. I have also transferred a number of hi res music files from my IMac desk top to the Western Digital drive I have attached to the Star. When I reconnected the drive to the star most of the albums were ok. However there are a few that don’t have the cover artwork. In addition when I try to amend the meta data there is no provision to do so. Has anyone found this problem and if so have you been able to add the art work. On at one of the albums, the cover artwork appears in the book part of the album information. Thanks Richard Kenna

Can you not edit the downloads on the iMac before transferring them to the external drive?

Hi Richard
The Star can only edit CDs that it has ripped. You really need to edit other material on your computer when you transfer it to the Star.
On a Mac I would recommend the Metadatics app for this.

You have to edit the metadata with a PC or Mac. If the downloads are flac then the Star should pick up the album cover but if for some reason it doesn’t or if your download is Wav, then the way to solve the cover art problem is to add a jpg file of it in the the same folder as the music from that album. The file must be called folder.jpg or cover.jpg and the picture shouldn’t be bigger than 1000x1000 pixels.



Thank you everyone for your help. I have managed to edit the information on all the files.


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