Transit bolts

Hopefully this is a quick one; I searched the forum but couldn’t find it.

I’m moving my rig to a new room and need to bolt up the NDS, 552 and Superline. Can anyone recall which transit bolts go in the NDS and which in the 552? Is it 4 black ones on the NDS and 2 grey ones on the 552?

Many thanks indeed

If you are only moving it within the house there is no need to worry about the transit bolts. Just keep the boxes flat and don’t shake them.


4 bolts on NDS and same on 552

Maybe but I’m carrying them down 2 flights of stairs so am concerned not to damage the suspension inadvertently.

Are the NDS black and the 552 grey?

It’s ok I just went into the eves to get to the 552 box which had 4 white transit screws in so these must be the 552 and the black ones the NDS


Can’t remember
I know nd555 def 4 black
I just replaced the 4 bolts on friend’s NDS which I had borrowed- can’t remember color.
Re 552 def 4 bolts- I could check color as I keep them in the box, but my 552 box is buried under 4 other boxes…
FYI should always keep transit bolts in the box of the component they are made for.
Hopefully someone else will know color

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The four black ones are for the NDS. I would say that you are unlikely to do any damage moving the kit without them within your own house even up or down stairs. But if it makes you happier stick them in.

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I did actually slip carrying the NDS down the top stairs so thankfully I did put the bolts in and no harm was done. I agree if you are moving from rooms on one level then no need to bolt up but I really would recommend it if going downstairs.

…as the actress said to the bishop!

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Is it that sensitive really? The manual only states to not INVERT it without the bolts.


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They are fine to move, even to carry up and down staircase isn’t a problem.
Just dont shake them or turn them upside down

Do they really have different lengths and thread pitch? If not, who cares what color the thumb-screws are?

If they aren’t interchangeable that seems really dumbass to me.

Yes they are very different lengths. The black NDS ones are a fair bit longer.

Of course. It is perfectly possible to carry them around without putting the bolts in. All I wanted to do was ensure they were safe in case I inadvertently slipped going down two flights of stairs; which in the event I actually did with the NDS. So it’s purely a safety thing.

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A small proportion of owners are bound to inadvertently invert the unit while carrying these heavy boxes around (especially involving stairs) so I agree that putting the bolts in is a good idea.

It’s a small inconvenience compared to the possibly very large damage that can be caused by a slip or trip.

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There are bolts that limit the horizontal suspension travel so you are unlikely to do any damage While the unit is right way up. However if you drop it or invert it or ship it via a courier without transit bolts………………:grimacing:

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