Transitioning Into the World of Local Streaming

Transitioning Into the World of Local Streaming With one SACD Component

Airport Extreme~Router with three switches

A. Mac Mini ~ MM
B. Family-room~ FR
C. Rec-room ~ RR

All I need is an inexpensive (CD/SACD/DAC/ Up-scaler). Thinking:

Loose the Airport Express and Emotiva Dac 1
Hardwire RR and FR with Cat 6!
Inquire about ~ Arcam CDS50 for the FR.

FR system: CDS50???

MM>Airport Extreme>CDS50>Audioquest XLR>Primare Pre 30>Audioquest XLR> Arcam P1 Mono Blocks> Vienna Acoustic Baby Grands.

Then I can utilize both formats (SACD/CD) in the FR.

Only one problem, is the Arcam CDS50 up to the task?

Is anyone familiar with Cambridge and Arcam? British products not that common across the pond!

The following information was obtained off the internet:

{"Put simply, the music was more visceral when listening to the irDAC. Is it worth $700? If you consider the sonic performance of your DAC to be its most important feature, and you probably should, then the answer is a resounding yes.


High Points

• The irDAC offers exceptional sound quality at its price point and arguably above.
• This $700 DAC uses trickle-down design elements from Arcam’s reference line.
• The irDAC is not overly picky in terms of the resolution of the source material. It sounded great with a wide variety of sources.
• The DAC has six digital inputs, including asynchronous USB.

Low Points

• The irDAC lacks networking and streaming capability like some other DACs out there today.

• The DAC lacks balanced XLR outputs for those running such systems.

• While not a deal-breaker, it’s nice to have a display showing the resolution of the track you’re playing.

Comparison and Competition

While I would give the edge in sound quality to the irDAC, the aforementioned Cambridge DacMagic is a solid performer in its own right and can now be had, in its more updated DacMagic Plus configuration, for an affordable $500. Move up a bit in terms of price point, and you’ll find another of my favorite names in audio: the NAD D 7050 features network capability and streaming (AirPlay/Bluetooth) for $1,000. If you have a bit more discretionary income and are looking for added flexibility in terms of having a DAC and Blu-ray in one unit, the Oppo BDP-105, with its SABRE32 Reference Audio DAC and $1,200 price tag, is worth your time.


In terms of performance, this unit is likely everything you’d want in a DAC under $1,000. It will breathe life into your music collection. While network streaming isn’t possible, it’s not exactly a reach to have a friend connect their phone to the dedicated input, thereby gaining the technical and sonic prowess of the irDAC without the loss of precious resolution that is the byproduct of streaming. My point is, a DAC is meant to convert your music to analog and make it sound great; it’s not supposed to make you an omelet. On that front, Arcam’s irDAC is a raging success.

It’s also worth noting that the irDAC will reward you if you take care in system matching–in other words, pairing it with the highest quality gear you can afford, while also paying attention to the sonic signature of each component. While my reference system is comprised of an amp/processor combo that retails for $7,000, the $700 irDAC was not in over its head, so to speak. The irDAC proved to be a worthy companion in my high-end setup and should be a welcome addition to just about any real-world home audio system".}

Hi Allante,
I read your post in the Hi-fi Corner thread. What are your trying to achieve, i.e. what’s your objective with streaming?

Once this is understood, fellow forum contributors may be able to help with our usual mix of contradictory advice & opinion :grin:.

Best regards, BF

Forum Members have been very helpful!

My main objective is to play my SACDs in the Family-room (FR) and at the same time improve on my local streaming.

FR: MM>Airport Extreme>**Airport Express>Emotiva Dac 1>**Audioquest XLR>Primare Pre 30>Audioquest XLR> Arcam P1 Mono Blocks> Vienna Acoustic Baby Grands.

This is what I’m thinking:

Remove the Airport Express and the Emotiva Dac 1 from the equation by hard-wiring the Family-room with Certified Cat 6 (BJC).

Been reading reviews, and. Arcam’s CDS50 appears to foot the bill. Why? Because:

A. Balance XLRs > Primare Pre 30.

B. Formats: "Thus the new Arcam CDS50 can not only play digital music stored on CD and SACD (as well as digital music stored on CD-R and CD-RW in FLAC, WAV, AAC, AIFF, OGG,

MP3 or WMA formats), but can also play back music files you have stored on USB, on a hard drive, on your home computer network, or streamed through your network from the internet (via Ethernet or 802.11g/b/n wireless)."

C. Price: Not that expensive comparable price wise to the Oppo BPD 95 I had but sold it because the CDs weren’t programmable. Sounded great!!! But glad I did, service cant be that good, since they closed shop!

So, a couple of questions:

@ that price range ($1200 USD), is the CDS50 a good match within my FR system?

Are there any other single box dacs that will foot the bill?

URL: (Arcam CDS50 Review)

FR: MM>Airport Extreme>**Cat 6>Arcam CDS50>**Audioquest XLR>Primare Pre 30>Audioquest XLR> Arcam P1 Mono Blocks> Vienna Acoustic Baby Grands.

PS. If I stop buying Hi-Fi gear, I might get an OLED 65" HDTV LOL☺

Hi Allante,
Replacing wifi with a decent wired connection (i.e. your proposed Blue Jeans Cable Cat6) is such a sensible thing to do wherever possible.

I don’t know much about SACD players but do have an Oppo 203 and have previously owned several Arcam players. Both are excellent (based on my experience with them) and I suspect that Arcam offers some real bargains these days.

Sorry that I can’t be more specific for you. Others will have more relevant experience with SACD players than I.

Best regards, BF

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Don’t buy an SACD player, buy an inexpensive secondhand Blu-Ray player off eBay, rip the hi-res content from your SACDs then concentrate on improving your local streaming. Google hi-fi haven sacd and the relevant thread should be near the top of the results.

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Thanks Bluesfan, I’ve been searching the web even other forums. For the money it appears to be the one! After all, at that price range, what should I really expect. Perhaps 3 decades of Linn & Naim’s build quality has spoiled me.

The only hands on experience I’ve had within my FR environment was my Oppo BDP 95! I enjoyed the SQ of that Deck!

Once again Thanks!

PS. When Linn abandoned its 20K CDP, and entered the world of streaming, I always been attracted to components with XLR connections.

Very insightful motelblues!

You actually got inside my head, that can be scary. I actually owned an Oppo BDP 95.

Worked great within my FR system:

Blue Ray/SACD > Soon to come HDTV
XLR > Primare Pre 30
Great SQ

But I didn’t like the ideal of not being able to program my CDs.

Even my Favorite Artist, are hard pressed to deliver more than 4 tunes on an CD.

Hence, I minimized my losses and sold it!

Since then, Oppo & HDTV has introduced Ultra Blue Ray. So in hindsight, kind of glad I minimized my losses. Not to mention, Oppo closed shop!

But to your point, Can I rip my SACDs and play that format back through my my 5 matching Rosewood Vienna Acoustics speakers???

PS. Living-room (LR) system is for Audio only:

CDX2>282>HCDR>3 x 250.2>Briks

Hence, my main objective is to utilize my FR’s to its fullest potential and enjoy future OLED and SACD silver-disk!

Using the method outlined in the Hi-Fi Haven thread and a £50 Sony BluRay player I’ve ripped the hi-res stereo content from my 50 or so SACDs. The rips were in DSF format, which my ND5XS/Hugo can play, so they went on my NAS. However, iTunes can’t handle DSF files, so I converted the DSF files to 24/96 ALAC files which iTunes can handle, and stored them on my PC for background music/portable device use.

You mention having five speakers: are you wanting to extract and play the surround sound content from SACDs? The Hi-Fi Haven thread suggests it’s possible to extract the surround content, but you’d need a multichannel DAC to make use of it, presumably. I’m stereo-only, so that’s all outside of my experience.

Trust me, I know nothing!

Hence, Transitioning Into the World of Streaming.

But to be clear, I purchased two Vienna Acoustic wall mount speakers. Excellent SQ, to my ears.

Then back in 2010, I purchased 2008 Stereophile award winning Vienna Acoustic Baby Grands.

I was merrily trying to improve on my previous surround sound system:

Acurus Act 3 processor.
Phantom center
Linn Kans
Vienna Acoustic Grand Waltz
Linn Sizmick

Kick But System!

Ok, getting long winded, just trying to match content and context!

When I had my Oppo BDP 95, I could play both formats through all 5 matching timbre of Vienna Acoustic Speakers!

Mind you, the last TV in my FR was an 36" picture tube with that Acurus Act 3!

So on the cheap, I’m trying to erase the dropouts associated with wireless hi-fi and hardwire directly to an decent CDP that can play SACD/CD with XLR to utilize my King Cobra ICs.

That’s all!

Am I making any since?

I do use itunes, and just learned from Simon that my Airport Extreme was not only an router, but contained 3 on board switches:


Hence, hardwire with Cat 6, no more dropouts, and utilize all that money spent on 5 speakers LOL☺.

Repeat, I’m a novice when it comes to streaming!

Thanks taking time to share your experiences.

The learning curve for me!!!:grinning:

PS. Multichannel would that be the:

Emotiva UMC1
Arcam P1 Mono Blocks
Arcam FMJ 3 Channel Amp

Now you can see, why I thinking Arcam CDS50!

Then an inexpensive Ultra Blue Ray Player, and OLED and forgot the Name DD 10 plus sub woofer!

Anyone out there familiar with Arcam’s CDS50?

Just trying to swap out my wireless airport express and $300 Emotiva Dac 1.

Thanks to the forum, I think going with BJC’s Cat 6 will eliminate dropouts caused by local interference.

Any other suggestions that can stack up to Arcam’s impressive specs:


No matter whether you’re old-school and prefer playing CDs (or SACDs) or new-school (and prefer to play rips, downloads or streams… wired or wirelessly), the new Arcam CDS50 does it all… and it does it all easily and gracefully while also delivering supremely good sound.

Arcam CDS50 CD/SACD/ network player

  • Excellent connectivity
  • Outstanding performance
  • Outstanding operability
  • No Bluetooth
  • No USB-B for computer connection

Harmonic distortion: <0.0008%

Output voltage (@0dB): 2.2/4 5 VRMS (unbal/balanced)

Output impedance: 47 ohms unbalanced, 600 ohms balanced

DAC: ESS9038 32-bit/192kHz Delta-Sigma Supported sample rates: optical to 96kHz; coaxial to 192kHz

USB: USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbps) Ethernet: 10/100Mbps Wireless: 802.11b/g/n Dimensions (whd): 433x87x283mm Weight: 5.3kg

Contact: Advance Audio Australia

Telephone: 02 9561 0799 "}

I reside across the pond!

XLR CONNECTS mandatory!

Family-room System:

FR: MM>Airport Extreme>**Cat 6>Arcam CDS50>**Audioquest XLR>Primare Pre 30>Audioquest XLR> Arcam P1 Mono Blocks> Vienna Acoustic Baby Grands.

I keep forgetting, my Emotiva UMC 1 & Arcam’s FMJ 3 channel Amp from my Rec room will be joining the party! Thinking 65" OLED!

PS. Arcam’s Msrp: $1200 USD

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